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Masters Health Administration, Nigerian Doctor

I am a 28 year old man from Nigeria, a doctor, and I am currently serving as the Director of promoting medical outreach. I am confident that your program at XXXX University is the optimal Master’s program for preparing for a career in Health Administration. I want to contribute towards …

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M.Eng. Information Systems Security

I am 23, a young woman from Saudi Arabia. Mature for my age, and hard working, I love everything having to do with technology, particularly communications and computer science. This is why I choose to study information security. My country, Saudi Arabia, is better developed than most Middle East c…

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MSC Politics, Economics & Philosophy, Brazil

A young man from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, I  have been making vast strides at perfecting my English in England;  still 24, I have so much left to learn. My country, these days, is a showcase economy, the envy of the world in terms of economic growth, and increasingly the pride of all South America. …

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MBA Online, Healthcare Administration

I hope to attain a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare from XXXX University because I very much admire the reputation of your university in the area of global health. I have spent almost my entire life in El Paso, Texas, right across the Rio Grande River from Ciudad J…

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Fellowship Administration, Hospital Organization

My most important role model so far in life has been my grandfather. He was my main inspiration for studying, learning, and working hard so that someday I might accomplish important things with my life. At only 24, I feel that I am a strong candidate for XXXX’s Administrative Fellowship Program beca…

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English Teaching Scholarship Essay, Central Asian

Describe an occasion when you were a leader or set a positive example in your school.

I live in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan and I have been teaching English for 9 years.Central to my teaching philosophy is the design of lesson plans that empower students in practical ways, developing tools that will…

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Phd Linguistics, Culture, Language, Korean

I was born and raised in South Korea and came to the US in 2010. I am now in my senior year of a bachelor degree program in English Language and Literature. My goal is to join a challenging but supportive program that will enable me to conduct research relating to  the effects of culture on language…

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Fellowship Program Implant Dentistry, Thailand

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand where I now live and work. I hold the degrees of Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Master’s Degree in Periodontics. I speak Thai and English. It is my goal, in applying for admission to the program, to maximize my knowledge of Implant Dentistry in order to hel…

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M.Ed. Degree in Special Education, Disabilities

Two factors, in particular, account for my profound passion for professional growth in the area of special education and my decision to apply to your program. Foremost among these significant factors was the fact that I too was once in special education classes to overcome my disability to perform…

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Master’s Computer Science, Data Mining, Saudi

From my earliest years I loved puzzles and games involving the application of logic. It was a delight, at school, to discover that my skills had an application in computing. From my first lesson in the subject, I was ‘hooked’, it was work but it was also fun, an elusive combination to many in the wo…

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Ph.D. Computer Science, Networks, Saudi

“Why do you want to do this?” People have said to me, in the tone one might use to a person threatening to jump from a cliff!  So I very carefully considered my motives before making this application. My reasons are: I love challenges and solving problems; I want to achieve something significant; I …

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International Affairs/Public Policy, Military

As a child, I loved maps. This interest developed into a curiosity about the differences and similarities in the way people in these different places on the map lived, ate, spoke and earned their livelihoods. This awareness of the world and its variety has increased with time and with the substantia…

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Letter of Recommendation for Dental School

To Whom It May Concern,                    

My name is XXXX D.D.S. and I am writing this on behalf of Kelly XXXX. I practice dentistry at my clinic, 6 to 9 Dental in XXXX, Ca. I also teach in the Dental School at the University of San Francisco. Miss XXXX serves as my Dental Hygien…

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Sample Motivation Statement Summer School

I earned my M.A. degree in 2001 (magna cum laude) and have been teaching since that time. I hesitated for three years before commencing work on my Ph.D. because I was undecided whether or not to pursue an academic career. However, by 2004 I had decided that my love of teaching and research was such …

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PHD Biostatistics, Immigrant from Philippines

I was raised in an impoverished home in the Philippines where education is highly valued but the funding for it is often lacking. I found a route out of my situation through a talent and passion for Mathematics that was recognized throughout my schooldays. The talent and passion was supplemented by …

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PHD Business, Organizational Innovation

I am especially looking forward to doing research in the areas of organizational behavior and innovation management. 10 years from now I look forward to serving as a faculty member in a University here in my native Taiwan. My greatest fulfillment in life would be to devote myself primarily to profes…

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Letter of Recommendation Medical Residency


 Re: Dr. XXXX’s Recommendation Letter                                        

 Dear Program Director,

 Please accept this as a strong letter of recommendation in support of Dr XXXX’s scholastics and personal attributes. She is a recent gradu…

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Oncology Residency, Chinese Applicant

I was an honors student in one of the finest medical schools in China, at the time that I watched one of my closest friends die of leukemia.  Observing her death before my eyes, gradually withering away, even after a bone marrow transplant, helped to trigger in me the burning desire to devote my lif…

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MN Advanced Clinical Nursing Saudi Arabian

I am a nurse in Saudi Arabia who’s dedicated, motivated and very much wants to study abroad so as to better prepare myself for advancement in my field. I am especially favorably impressed with your MN Program in Advanced Clinical Nursing and I see it as the best fit for my interests in learning how …

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MSN Masters, Military Nurse, Healthcare Mgmt

I am applying to your distinguished program at XXXX University because I see it as the best fit for my high level of motivation and extensive professional responsibility. I also feel strongly that my personal nursing philosophy is well aligned with the mission of your program with respect to diversi…

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