Sample 1st Paragraph, Statement for Employment Position as Monitoring Analyst with XXXX Gas & Power

I believe that I am a strong candidate for the position of Monitoring Analyst with XXXX Gas & Power. In both of my last two professional positions, I have totally immersed myself in the challenges that we faced and was able to contribute heavily to major structural innovations in processes based on information and communications systems. I have learned a great deal through hands-on engagement with system overhaul and upgrade and I keenly look forward to the opportunity to give my all to a fast moving, cutting-edge company like XXXX, bringing my years of experience to bear on difficult challenges and putting it to good use in the service of XXXX.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for Master’s Degree Application in Applied Technology

For me communication is the center of the world. This is why I chose to complete my undergraduate studies at Alabama State University in the area of Radio & Television Broadcasting. Since that time, I find myself drawn with ever greater intensity into the areas of education, software, and Internet Security.

Sample 1st Paragraph in Health Care Mangement

I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for the Graduate Healthcare Administrative Training Program because I just graduated from XXXX University with dual Masters Degrees in Health care Management and Information Technology, complementing my undergraduate degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Phoenix. Given the way in which healthcare administration has become so IT driven in recent years, opening up vast opportunities for further progress in this area, I look forward to a lifetime of service to the VA always pushing myself to go that extra mile, thinking creatively about ways that we might continue to improve our information systems, thus helping to provide optimal care to our veterans.

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