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MPA Program, Leadership, Puerto Rico

I am applying to your especially distinguished MPA Program at XXXX University out of my profound respect for your emphasis on the importance of leadership. I want very much to move ahead in my career with the United States government and assume increasing higher levels of responsibility. Earning t…

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LOR Graduate Application Social Work #2

Dear Madams/Sirs.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation in support of XXXX who is applying for the 2015 Master’s in Social Work Program at your esteemed University. I got to know Mr XXXX well when he was serving as an active and highly resourceful trainer for the …

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Scholarship Application, Australia, Vietnamese

Summary of Programme (300 words): I am a young woman and an experienced dentist from Vietnam who now seeks to build a career in the area of Public Health. I have been accepted to the Health and Society Master’s Program at XXXX University and I am writing what follows on behalf of my application t…

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MA Translation, Security, Russian Accountant

I am a young woman from Russia with a degree in Accounting who won a green card on the lottery and moved to America not long after graduating from college in 2009. I selected your distinguished MA program in Translation at XXXX University because of its sheer excellence and the exciting nature of …

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MA OT, Down’s Syndrome, Syrian-American

While I was born and raised in America, I also think of myself very much as Syrian, especially since we went back for long visits on several occasions to Syria as I was growing up. I have a BA in International Studies from the University of XXXX and I am currently enrolled in my last OT pre-requis…

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Masters Occupational Therapy, Chinese Woman

There will be other applicants with higher scores and better grades than mine mostly because I have only been in active recovery for the past year from my own psychological disorder, Bulimia. I humbly ask, however, for you to accept me into your OT Program at XXXX University because I have now com…

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PHD Information Systems & Operations Mgmt

Your doctoral program at the College of Business at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because it is the most exciting program that I have found in terms of innovative thinking on the cutting edge where Information Systems meet Operations Management. I am a young man fro…

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Masters IR & Political Science, Canadian, Turkey

I am a young man who is deeply engaged with Turkish politics and history because it is my homeland. The fact that I am just as much Canadian as I am Turkish, I hope, will prove to be an asset to my objectivity and learning to think and feel about issues close to the Turkish heart from a variety of…

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LOR, Masters Management & Statistics, Chinese #1


RE:  Applicant XXXX

Dear Admissions Committee Director:

I have now been teaching at XXXX Management College for the past 5 years. During this time, I have treated research as my absolute priority and we have made enormous progress in a broad range of areas. I am writing this letter …

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MSCS CS & IT, Information Security

I hope to contribute to the most admirable ethnic diversity of the University of XXXX both as an Arab man, someone who grew up in Saudi Arabia, and an African, since I was born in Sudan and I returned there for my undergraduate studies, completing my Degree in Computer Science in 2009. Now, I live…

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Masters School Counseling, HIV Survivor/Activist

The greatest weakness of my application is my age, 52. Nevertheless, I feel that I have a great deal to contribute to your distinguished program in School Counseling at XXXX University as a result of my maturity and my experience and I hope to be accepted so as to contribute to the diversity of yo…

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MA Translation, UK, Saudi Woman

Still only 24, I am a mature and hard working young woman from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red sea. Jeddah is one of the most international cities in the Middle East and the most international and liberal of Saudi cities, where foreigners feel most comfortable. I completed my undergra…

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PHD Economics, Egypt, Middle East

I will graduate from my MBA Program in Egypt in April of 2012. These are heady times of optimism for our Middle Eastern economies; hope that has been generated by our Arab Spring, of which my nation had the privilege of an especially critical role. XXXX University is my first choice for graduate stu…

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Residency in Pediatrics: Chinese Applicant

I was asthmatic from the age of five and was hospitalized on a number of occasions. I observed the world and the adults in it as only a child can. I could see that some doctors and nurses did their job but no more, they cared for me and the other children but other staff also clearly cared about me …

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DDS Applicant, American in Pre-Med Course

My uncle and brother are dentists and so dentistry was certainly a career that I considered when I left school but decided that I would pursue a business career. I graduated ‘summa cum laude’ with a GPA score of 4.0 in Business from the University of XXXX but I soon decided that a career in business…

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Medical School, Korean ICU Nurse

I was a small, premature baby and, although my medical problems were not severe, they did involve frequent visits to hospital in my early childhood.  So I became used to the environment of a hospital and observed the staff in the way that only a child can. I saw that some nurses and doctors did thei…

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DDS Admission Application, Asian Woman

What first fired my interest in dentistry was suffering an accident two years ago that resulted in a fractured jaw. I required extensive oral surgery and became interested in the work undertaken to repair the damage done. During the process, a close relationship developed with my surgeon and I have …

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PHD Economics, Latin America & China

My language skills—near native in French, advanced intermediate Spanish, and several years of German and Chinese—are only matched by my dedication to the studies of economic development, especially in Latin America and China. I look forward to dedicating my life to the study of sustainable economic …

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MA Degree Linguistics, Ghana

In my home country it is not at all unusual for a pupil, who is excelling in their work, to be asked to assist in the teaching their fellow pupils. As a pupil who did excel and who was, indeed, usually top of the class throughout my school career, I had considerable experience of teaching and also a…

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Endocrinology Fellowship, Saudi Arabia

PURPOSE: The purpose behind my wanting to obtain a fellowship in endocrinology in the United States is to acquire the knowledge and training necessary to help raise the standard of treatment and patient care in my native country of Saudi Arabia. My country of origin is renowned for its oil fields an…

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