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DNP Education and Leadership, Transplants

Practice/Experience/Leadership: Out of my 16.5 years of nursing experience, I now have 14 years of progressive leadership experience in team development, staff retention programs and the maintenance, operation, and enhancement of patient services. I also earned my BSN (2006) and MSN (with a focus in…

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MSW, Hospice, Gerontology, Chinese

My father died of colon cancer in a hospice.  I didn’t quite know what to expect in such an environment and was surprised to see patients, suffering from terminal illness, who were peaceful, cheerful and even joyful. I witnessed heroic levels of care provided and I also became aware of the important…

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MD, Medical School Admission, Chinese

I have practiced the martial art of Muay Thai kickboxing for five years. The decision to do so has been among the best I have ever taken. I have had the great satisfaction of facing stronger opponents and prevailing in the contest through the application of greater determination, resilience and an a…

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PA Masters Physician Assistant, Rural Nepal

I was raised in a poor community in rural Nepal in which health service provision was scarce and expensive. I resolved at an early age that I would be involved in providing this invaluable service. I have never wavered in this decision and all my studies, voluntary and professional work since have c…

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MSc Physical Chemistry, Saudi Applicant

A love of Physics was fired in me as soon as I was exposed to the subject by an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. I was fascinated by simple experiments demonstrating the relationship between heat and work and a special interest in thermodynamics was born. My passion ultimately led to the award of…

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PA Masters Physician Assistant Studies, Indian

I was small when my cousin died from a congenital aortic stenosis. Heartbroken, I came to relive the experience over many years later as I observed countless underprivileged cardiac patients in India who would soon die from lack of adequate medical care. I see the medical care giver as noble, which …

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PA, Physician Assistant Masters, Biology Degree

I was born in New York and raised in Georgia. I am of Italian descent and speak English and Italian. I hold the Bachelor’s degree in Biology awarded by XXXX University in 2010. It is my goal to qualify and to work as a Physician’s Assistant and, in this way to make a meaningful contribution to socie…

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MS Business & Leadership, Multilingual

Perhaps the most important influence that has shaped the person I am today is my upbringing in a traditional family-oriented Bengali culture. My family has been an important source of support in all of the decisions I have made. I was taught the three basic tenets of ‘good words, good deeds, and goo…

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JD, Juris Doctor, Family Law, Canadian-Chinese

I am a Canadian-Chinese man, born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada from an early age. I currently live in Hong Kong. I speak English, Chinese and French. I hold a B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry awarded by McGill University. My goal is to qualify in the program and then to practise as a barrister in f…

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Masters OT, African American

I am an African American male, born in the Bahamas and raised in Fort Lauderdale where I currently live and work. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration from Barry University. I speak English, Creole and French and have a working knowledge of Spanish.

 About six years ago, …

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MS, Master’s in Project Management, Chinese

I am Chinese, raised in Beijing and now living in Boston. I anticipate the award of the B.S. degree in Leadership from XXXX University in July of this year. My goal is to complete the M.S. degree in Project Management and ultimately to return to China to set up my own business. I believe that partic…

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MRes, Masters in Research, Arab Woman

I am an Arab woman born and raised in Damascus, Syria now living in Amman, Jordan. I hold a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy awarded by the Arab International University, Syria in 2009. I speak Arabic and English and some French.

 During and since my graduation, I have become increasingly interested i…

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MOT, Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy

I was born and raised in Mississippi and now live in XXXX, Florida. I hold a B.S. degree in Biology awarded by XXXX University, Florida in 2003. My goal is to complete the M.O.T. degree so that I can be an agent for positive change in the lives of others.

 I am a farm girl, brought up with my two…

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Master’s Degree in Accountancy, Vietnamese

I am Vietnamese born in Vietnam and raised both in Vietnam and the United States. I am currently resident in Los Angeles. I expect to be awarded a B.S. degree in Managerial Economics in June of this year. I speak English and Vietnamese. I was raised in poor financial circumstances and am the first m…

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Masters Counseling Psychology, Chinese

I am a Chinese woman born and raised in China, resident in the U.S. for two years. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business and an Associate’s degree in Social Sciences (major in Psychology). I expect to be awarded a further Associate’s degree in Child Develop…

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Master’s Degree in Public Health UK, Africa

I am a woman of African heritage, born and raised in Nigeria and now living in the UK. I hold the degree of DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) awarded by the University of Ibadan in 2005. I also hold a Diploma in IT Project Management awarded by Greenwich School of Management in 2009.

 I was rai…

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MS Degree in Health System Pharmacy, Indian

I am an Indian man who was born, raised and currently reside in India. I hold a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from XXXX University. My interest in pharmacy was fired as a young child. The father of a school friend was a pharmacist and he became aware of my interest in his work. He explained to me that…

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MS Degree in Engineering, Iranian

I am an Iranian woman who was born and raised in Iran. I anticipate the award of the M.Eng. (Chemical Engineering) from the University of XXXX (UK), July 2011. My professional aspirations require, however, that I also hold the MS Degree in Engineering.

 What happens when you cross a mechanical en…

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PHD Operation Research, Industrial

What happens when you cross a Ph.D. (Math) with an M.S. (Civil Engineering)? Well, you get me!  With parents like mine I was raised, unsurprisingly, in an environment where numbers were as important as letters and where my games almost always involved numerical and logical challenges, which I loved.…

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PA Physician Assistant Masters Program, African

I clearly remember the moment when I realized what my calling in life was: an unexpected medical emergency with my brother heightened my awareness of the importance of acquiring proper health treatment from trained and knowledgeable health professionals. It takes only an instant for someone's life t…

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