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Sample 1st Paragraph for a Residency Position in Orthodontics, Applicant from New York

A woman, a dentist, Dutch, Ukrainian, Jewish, American, perhaps most of all I am a New Yorker. I know of no one personally who is more dedicated to their work than I am because I have a lot of energy, focus, and concentration; and I seldom forget anything having to do with dentistry. Next year, 2018, I will finish dental school at Columbia University and I hope to be selected for a Residency Position in Orthodontics at a similarly distinguished institution, earn my Master’s Degree in this area, and cultivate a lifetime specialization in Orthodontics. My passion for this most special area of dentistry is grounded in my own experience as a little girl, and the profound benefit that resulted in the growth of my self-esteem in my most formative years.

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1st female orthodontist in the Asheville area.

Sample 1st Paragraph Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement

A good orthodontist has a great desire to help others but, of course, the desire to help in itself is entirely inadequate. He is also an excellent and highly-trained technician, ready to look at every treatment as unique both in its technical challenges and in the uniqueness of the patient, who is more than a set of X-rays, a list of symptoms and a treatment plan. He is an excellent collaborator and leader, ready to share and receive opinions and insights and a great communicator who can inspire trust and confidence in his patients and staff and has the ability to explain complex plans in simple language. He is someone who appreciates innovation and who has the enthusiasm and curiosity to keep abreast of a field in which new techniques and materials are constantly evolving and tries to add to the sum of common knowledge of the specialty for the benefit of all. But mainly he is determined to restore smiles, a pleasing appearance, dietary choices and confidence in his patients and derives enormous satisfaction from being able to do so.