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DNP Personal Statement Example, Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA

I aim to acquire the high level skills, knowledge and experience to enable me to become an expert nurse anesthetist capable ultimately of ‘adding value’ to the profession through research and teaching. I see the program as providing an avenue to enable me to maximize my utility as a nurse. I also seek to accomplish my personal potential by applying the fruits of my experience and training to date in a more challenging and satisfying role. I am particularly interested in assisting patients who are fearful or have difficulties in understanding, by reason of low educational level or language barriers, what the procedure proposed involves and the reasons why it is necessary.

I also seek to apply the significant experience I have gained in veterinary anesthesia. I worked for 10 years in this field with stable and critical cases. It will also enable me to apply my recent training in post-op cardiothoracic surgery.

I regard the program as being an excellent ‘fit’ for my professional purposes because of the prestigious faculty, excellent facilities, practice focused training, the exposure to research work and the opportunity to train in the use of, and to apply, the very latest advances in the specialty.

My clinical practice focuses on the development and refinement of the knowledge and skills necessary to manage care as a member of an interdisciplinary team. I focus on patient and family centered care, observing protocols and procedures developed from evidence based practice relating to quality improvement and patient safety. Each case, especially the complex, enables me to extend my clinical and critical reasoning skills. My role calls for highly developed cultural sensitivity and the ability to relate well to colleagues and to patients and their families. I have happily socialized, worked with and treated people of many social and ethnic backgrounds. My practice includes assessment and management of patients with various illnesses and co-morbidities. These include but are not limited to diabetes, heart failure, electrolyte imbalances, alcohol and drug overdose/withdrawal, respiratory failure, COPD related complications, liver disease, kidney disease, cardiogenic/septic shock, management of post codes, and post operative vascular surgery. I am currently training in continuous renal replacement therapy and post operative cardiothoracic surgery.

Acquiring the degree will develop my critical thinking skills and considerably enhance my level of professional expertise and so enable me to exercise significantly greater autonomy in planning, treatment and post-op evaluation and care. It will enable me to work with patients of all acuity levels so considerably enhancing my usefulness to colleagues and patients to the end of improved patient outcomes.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sport Science and have applied the knowledge gained in my own life by the adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle. I enjoy partaking in many sports including body-building in which I have competed successfully. I love to share my specialist knowledge with patients, friends and colleagues assisting them, when invited, to assist them in setting realistic but challenging nutritional and fitness goals.

My veterinary experience will also probably be atypical. Working with animals, who cannot communicate verbally, has provided me with an unusually high level of sensitivity to ‘non-verbal’ signals generally.

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DNP Personal Statement Sample of My Work, Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA

The University of XXXX is my first choice among BSN-to-DNP Programs with a focus on Nurse Anesthesia. I feel strongly that I am the best fit with your program; and see it as the optimal springboard upon which to make my maximum contribution to Nurse Anesthesia. During childbirth, I had no other choice but to undergo an emergency C-section. The CRNA got me through this experience in flying colors, subsequently serving prominently in my mind as a role model, especially in her sense of inclusiveness for all members of our community.

My CRNA in the hospital who I so look up to went far beyond just taking care of me, managing my pain and that of the other patients, she was also an exemplary member of our community, heavily involved in charitable events and health promotion. Like her, I am troubled deeply by childhood mortality and want to go out of my way to prevent this tragedy, in particular, to the extent to which I am able and opportunities present themselves in the future.

I also went on to shadow another CRNA extensively and I also found this experience to be extremely inspiring and reaffirming of my goal to become a CRNA myself. I witnessed this Nurse Anesthetist compassionately administer anesthesia to a patient while walking them through the procedure providing the patient with vitally important information at the same time that they are being prepped for surgery. During the procedure, the patient had a blood pressure and heart rate spike and I observed as the Nurse Anesthetist controlled the situation with critical thinking and risk prediction. Like him, I want to become a highly respected leader in healthcare and I can think of no better role to perform than that of the CRNA.

I very much appreciate the small size of classes in Nurse Anesthesia at the U of XXXX, with opportunities for one-on-one meetings with the professors and the close-knit environment that is developed among classmates in shared academic community. This aligns perfectly with my own learning styles and strategies. As a hands-on individual, the structure of the simulation hospital offering real-life experiences has me especially excited. I especially look forward to the faulty mentorship program offered to students. At the U of XXXX, one also gets an opportunity to interact with people who are world-renown experts in the area of Nurse Anesthesia and related fields. I am looking forward to the way that Leadership forms an integral part of the curriculum in your program, tailored towards ensuring improved service delivery in health care facilities – always with a special eye on Nurse Anesthesia. I admire the way that students in the program are taught to embrace change as needed in order to promote public health and/or health care efficiency, in addition to focusing on the general improvement of the health care system.

The University of XXXX is the finest program around and this I appreciate how this is manifest in the fact that students from the program have very high certification rates and easily find excellent employment opportunities. Yet, the passing rate is also high, hovering around 90% thus demonstrating the great dedication of the faculty and other departmental staff members. My current experience as a critical care nurse has enabled me to develop flexibility in critical thinking and a high level of competency in multicultural communication with valuable and current experiences in nursing to share with my colleagues and peers.

Becoming a CRNA will enable me to greatly enhance my contribution to my community as well as the people with whom I have bonded professionally.

I thank you for considering my application to Nurse Anesthesia at the University of XXXX.

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DNP Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA

My father always used to tell me that "challenges and failures are what create opportunities; if you add positive momentum, growth and success fall into place". I wish he were here to see me now, what I have accomplished. I will be the first person from my working-class family to go to graduate school.  I have always have tried to make my entire family proud of me, so now I am ready to embark on a new learning path, one that will lead me to becoming a CRNA.

Prior to beginning graduate school, I worked in different areas such as Emergency Room (ER), Coronary Care Unit and different intensive care units (MICU, SICU, Neuro, and CTICU).  I have welcomed responsibility by mentoring and orienting novice nurses, became unit charge nurse, CRRT super user, joined rapid response team (RRT), transport nurse, and obtained my CCRN certification.  I completed travel assignments at the XXXX Medical Center, XXXXl Hospital, and XXXX Hospital. I have become highly skilled in related areas such as invasive monitoring (CRRT, ECMO, IABP, VAD, TAH), titrating drips, weaning ventilators, extubations, etc. I am able to provide care to freshly operated cardiac patients from routine coronary bypass surgery to complex multi-valve procedures and heart transplants.  My eight years in the work force have taught me responsibility, compassion and gratitude for every learning opportunity that comes my way. 

Determined, I never give up, and always put my patient first. To the very core of my professional identity, I am patient centered. I also feel strongly that these qualities are especially important for the nurse who seeks to earn and put to good use of the DNP Degree and perhaps most of all the DNP in Nurse Anesthesia, which represents, for me, the pinnacle of achievement in nursing. The DNP Program at XXXX is my first choice for a variety of reasons, especially your great reputation coupled with your location in my area. I have also heard many good things from my co-workers over the years. For years now, I have felt strongly that Nurse Anesthesia is my destiny, that every step along the way in my trajectory to become a nurse and gaining increased experience, giving my all to nursing, has prepared me for excellence as a graduate student in your especially distinguished Nurse Anesthesia Program at XXXX.  I see your facilities at XXXX as the cutting-edge of medicine and nursing; and I could not be more excited about the prospect of returning to school again to learn and serve in such distinguished academic and health care settings. Becoming an extremely good nurse has been my lifelong dream; every shift, I try to give everything I can to my patients, providing them with the finest care.

Six months ago, I gave birth to a lovely baby boy and the CRNA that attended to my delivery could not have been more attentive or cared for me any better. Thus, I am applying with a fresh role model experience that could not have me more excited about the prospect of hitting the ground running in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXXs. I am fortunate to do what I most love, have built a solid foundation in nursing, and now have the experience to be able to distinguish myself if given the opportunity.  I am truly grateful for my relationship with nursing and the opportunity to grow within it. As a CRNA in training no student will work harder than I do, or be more appreciative of being selected for a spot in your competitive Nurse Anesthesia program at XXXX. I thank you for considering my application.  

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