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Heroines of Nursing

There are amazing nurses all over the world, working away and changing lives. Here are just a few women who we´d like to celebrate right now.

Amanda Burston

Amanda Burston is the trauma co-ordinator for the emergency department at Royal Stoke University Hospital.

Burston also set up the ‘Safer Steps’ team to raise awareness of domestic violence and encourage patients at her hospital to seek assistance and guidance.

“We were aware that there was an increasing number of revolving-door patients who were not being identified as victims of domestic abuse, but were being treated, managed and discharged back to an abusive home life with no signposting to support,” says Burston. Burston won the RCN Nurse of the Year 2015 award.

Liz Browse

Liz Browse works in the gastrointestinal colorectal cancer nursing team at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. After completing her training at that hospital in 1970, Browse has now completed 40 years of service.

Despite briefly retiring in 2010, she returned to nursing because she missed hospital life as well as the patients and their families.

Alice Egerton-Smith

Formerly a Royal Marsden nurse, Egerton-Smith is now completing further training in the “nurse.teach.reach” program to work in developing countries.

Egerton-Smith provided aid after the first earthquake hit Nepal in April, 2015, when big NGOs were blocked from providing aid because the airport was shut.

She and her team used a car park as a make-shift ward to treat patients in. “There were people with broken limbs waiting three days to have them set with no anaesthetic. I was working on the emergency part in the car park tents doing blood pressure and wound care, and trying to prioritise the most severe patients,” says Egerton-Smith.

Florence ‘SeeSee’ Rigney

Now an operating room nurse at Tacoma General Hospital, Washington, USA, Florence Rigney has completed 60 years of service as a nurse and is know to her friends ‘Seesee’. The nurse just celebrated her 90th birthday. She´s the oldest serving nurse in America.

Lamis Maluelein

Lamis Maluelein is a Community Nurse at the MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Project in Lebanon.

Working at the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein el-Helweh, Maluelein works in a politically-tense environment. Violence can often occur at her workplace, but Maluelein continues to provide nursing care as well as advice to her patients.

“Mothers and women in general tend to prioritise the health and wellbeing of their families and neglect their own. I tell them that they need to be healthy and strong in order to be able take care of their families,” she says.

These nurses work their butts off to help others. We love them! Are you going to study in this field? Is there any way we might help? Let us know!

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