Sample 1st Paragraph Master’s Degree Nursing, African-American Health Care Issues

First a Licensed Practical Nurse for 18 years, I have spent the last six years as a Registered Nurse and will be completing my BSN Degree this August of 2016. I am keen and eager for further training so that I might have the privilege of making my maximum contribution to my community as a nursing professional. As an African-American woman, I have long been especially concerned with the special health issues that confront the African-American community, particularly hypertension. In my spare time, I read a lot about the special health issues that confront African-Americans, how they are impacted by or vulnerable to cancer, for example. I have the special hope of being able to participate in research in these areas as a student working towards the MSN Degree at XXXX University and beyond.

FNP, Applicant with Psychology and Neuroscience Background

I look forward to a long and productive professional lifetime working with children and adolescents who have genetic disorders resulting in some form of disability. I have chosen this career path because I have myself had to deal with disability, and the struggle to make the most of a life with limitations – in every sense of the word. I feel strongly that the research and clinical training experiences offered by XXXX University’s Master’s Degree Program in Nursing are a perfect match for my central career goals. I will be graduating from Harvard University Extension School with my Master’s Degree in Psychology this coming May, 2019 writing my thesis on: “Pain beliefs and behaviors as risk and resilience factors in those with Ehlers-Danlos     Syndrome.” I feel that my undergraduate as well as graduate studies have helped to prepare me for excellence in clinical research in Nursing since my studies for the BS in Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology were focused in the area of Biochemistry and Physiology.

I currently hold 3 professional positions, as Project Coordinator for the Center for Advancement of Youth, Department of Pediatrics, at the University of XXXX Medical Center in XXXX; Clinical Research Coordinator at the Children’s Cancer Clinic, Department of Pediatrics, also at the University of XXXX Medical Center in XXXX; and I also serve as an Associate Literary Researcher for Medtox Consulting Services in XXXX, MS. Becoming an FNP at XXXX will enable and inspire to continue to do what I do now, only to do it better, gradually assuming greater levels of professional responsibility and putting my leadership skills to good use. First and foremost, I am dedicated to a professional lifetime devoted to clinical research. I spend a lot of time thinking, reflecting, and studying the literature that already exists on the intersection of disability and gender; and the special challenges faced by girls in particular, as children and as adolescents. I have myself spent considerable amounts of time in a wheelchair and have become a master of the apparatus and how to make it work best for the individualized needs of girls in particular, and the strategies that work best for overcoming the limitations of the wheelchair.

A million lights lit up my heart and soul during my medical mentorship at XXXX Children’s Hospital, Mississippi’s only pediatric palliative care program, where I gained significant experience with research, learning how to accurately analyze and synthesize practical concepts for the creation of new ideas with the potential to enhance the freedom - spiritual, psychological, and physical - of children that are wheelchair bound. Throughout my mentorship, I learned firsthand how difficult, frustrating and expensive the nursing process can be, yet also incredibly fascinating, beautiful, vital, and central to what it is that most makes us human. The scariest period in my life was in elementary school, as I struggled to figure out what it meant that I “had a rare genetic disorder” and struggling thereafter to deal with the consequences, mitigate the damage, channeling my limited energy and resources in productive ways. My sister had the same disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. But, while she was quiet and reserved, I was loud and outgoing. I couldn’t understand how two people who were so different could have the same disorder. As I began researching the disorder in high school, I grew increasingly intrigued on an intellectual as well as personal level. There seemed to be so much new and exciting research going on, but there were so many questions left unanswered. Throughout college, I wrote papers on genetic disorders for several undergraduate classes and since that time I have never failed to stay abreast of much of the literature on genetic disorders resulting in disabilities of one form or another, especially as they impact adolescent girls. Fully immersed in my studies, learning the basic science that I needed to understand what had happened to me from a scientific perspective, I did not set my sights on a career in nursing until I was mid-way through my graduate studies at Harvard in Psychology, as a result of my realization that I wanted very much to focus the balance of my professional life on nursing. I see my training in psychology as excellent preparation for a distinguished career in Nursing.

I look forward to many decades to come working with and studying those who experience chronic pain or transition from acute to chronic pain as a result of a disability and/or genetic disorder. Pain is known to be correlated with mental health disorders, so teaching an adolescent to manage that pain through positive coping strategies is essential. I will bring critically important life experience to the program and to the patients that I will be treating. My central, long-term research area is focused on those adolescent females who experience chronic pain as a result of a disability and/or genetic disorder. I want to be able to intervene before negative coping strategies result in mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression. I would be especially honored to work with any of the faculty involved with the XXXX Center for Orphan Disease Research. Ultimately, I hope to continue my studies as an FNP and eventually earn a doctoral degree.

After graduation from college, I began working as a research assistant with the Department of Psychology at the Children’s Cancer Clinic at the University of XXXX Medical Center. Our work on the cognitive perception of acute versus chronic pain has vastly increased my interest in pediatric pain, especially in disadvantaged populations. I also gained clinical experience in my time since graduation. Through my current role as a project coordinator, I developed a deep interest and empathy for individuals with ADHD, Autism, and other, often quite severe, presentations of developmental disorders. In the future, I hope to conduct clinical research that leads to a better understanding and treatment of pain psychopathologies, especially rare, genetic disorders. I’m especially interested in less viable symptoms (e.g., pain perception deficits and emotion dysregulation) and their presentation in under-researched populations including girls, young adults and high-IQ individuals. I look forward to a full immersion experience in the exploration of the efficacy and application of multimodal treatment methods, especially those incorporating mindfulness, exercise and behavioral psychology. Working simultaneously in research and clinical settings has helped me to appreciate the value of bench-to-bedside perspectives, and I hope to incorporate both research and clinical practice into my nursing career.

I thank you for considering my application to Nursing at XXXX.

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Statements of Excellence for Admission to Masters Degree Programs in Nursing

Sample 1st Paragraph for the MSN Degree, Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Perhaps because I completed my undergraduate studies in business administration and have always excelled at the study of human organization, I have tended to think in terms of structural rather than individual responses to social problems. After working in the mental health field now for more than 4 years, developing a focus and a great passion for helping the underserved, in particular, I find myself mesmerized by the connection between poverty and social class on the one hand and mental health issues on the other. As a result, I look forward to advancing my career in the area of Mental Health Nursing so as to not only qualify myself to continue providing direct patient care, but also to develop my professional voice and be able, within time, to effectively direct my attention to the root causes of mental health issues in my community, so that future generations will not have to suffer to the extent to which is the case with those for whom I care daily.

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