Free Sample Personal Statement for Medical School, Cuban Applicant

I appreciate very much the global nature of medicine and the way in which the medical profession realizes its responsibility to help those who would not otherwise receive any medical attention at all.

After completing medical school, I plan to seek further training in general or orthopedic surgery, always striving for perfection and dedicating as much time and resources to providing medical attention to the most desperately underserved - not only within the borders of the United States, but also in other countries. I look forward to another century or so of global missionary service as a surgeon – especially in the wake of natural disasters throughout the hemisphere.

I will be earning my BS in Biochemistry this coming December, 2017. I have already gone on two medical missions, the first to Peru and the second to Guatemala, having the profound privilege of being able to better understand the challenges faced by marginalized people in the Developing World, particularly as a result of little or no access to health care. It was a special privilege and honor to give vaccinations to both children and the elderly – knowing full well that it might save their lives in the future.

In Guatemala, I participated in a large mission which was able to attend to scattered and remote populations in several different regions of the country; thus, I was able to see and get to know areas of the country where doctors and medical supplies were especially scarce. I spent the first 3 days attending to children in schools and distributing medical supplies. After that, I helped to attend mostly to the elderly as well as pregnant women with various complications for which they were being treated. Many of these patients had simple infections, which were easy to treat successfully, but they had not yet been able to do so because they had no access to the medication that they needed until we arrived. Watching the smiles on the patients’ faces was among the finest moments of my life. The appreciation that was show to our team was almost overwhelming at times.

I carefully observed the doctors that I assisted on both of my mission trips and they have become my foremost role models, my heroes. This is what I want to do as well, as much as possible, going on as many mission trips and putting smiles on patients’ faces as my professional responsibilities as a surgeon in my own home community will allow. The doctors that I shadowed and assisted in Peru and Guatemala were there because they felt called, on the basis of the simple fact that they had the expertise that these people needed. I too feel this calling and knowing that one day I too may have the privilege of serving as a missionary doctor in developing countries is one of the primary driving forces of my sky-high motivation to attend and complete medical school.

The other major highlight of my career so far has been my volunteer work with the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis where I spent one year and four amazing months as a volunteer assisting researchers with a wide range of tests, including hand and grip tests, thermosensitivity, the Catwalk, etc. I helped to generate valuable results that enabled these investigators to publish important papers for the advancement of our ability to help those who have been paralyzed. Laboring and giving my all so that others might have a better chance to walk again was extremely fulfilling and has me very animated to begin medical school. This position also helped to spark what I anticipate will be a very long and special engagement with neuroscience and its intimate relationship with the paralyzed learning to walk again.

I have also served as a volunteer at XXXX Hospital, spent a lot of time helping to Feed the homeless, organized special activities for children with terminally ill diseases, Community Walk-a-thons to raise awareness about public health issues such as breast cancer, etc. I have served as President of the American Medical Student Association chapter at my university, UXX, and this organization served as my foundation for organizing support and participation for our medical missions to Peru and Guatemala.

Working full-time throughout my time as a premedical student was a must if I were to pay for rent and food since I had no financial help from my poor mother. Being independent allowed me to mature rather quickly and shaped me to become the humble and honest man I am today. If I am to realize my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon, it will also be a result of the fact that I almost died myself at the age of 2 and my life was saved by neurosurgery, to which, of course, I am forever grateful. I suffered from a rare birth defect called caniosynostosis, which was initially misdiagnosed. After eight hours of surgery, I survived with just a scar on my head from ear to ear, which I will always bear with great honor.

I thank you for considering my application to medical school.

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Medical School Personal Statement Introductory Paragraph

Since childhood, it has been my intention to spend my life ‘making a difference’ rather than just making a living, to this end I pursued a bachelor degree majoring in Biology with the intention of qualifying as a physician. I see the medical profession as the field where I can take fullest advantage of my natural character and aptitudes so as to maximize my service to society. I have sought as much exposure to the world of medicine as possible before and since finishing my undergraduate studies in Biology. This exposure has confirmed my ambition and I am now eager to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to practise as a physician.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for Medical School Admission, Indian American

Born in England, we moved to America at the age of 5 and I grew up in suburban Virginia. I am an Indian man who for the most part is like any other American, an individualist seeking my own path, challenges, and adventures: in my case, in medicine. Through a lot of hard work, I have established myself as a highly competent researcher working alongside a professor and a PHD student for 2 years now on the effects of heat on human mortality; and we are well on our way to publication. As an EMT basic, I am pleased to be the first one selected on a run for the ‘underserved’ here in Charlottesville. My other singular and most formative experience so far was my 4 month medical internship with a clinic on the outskirts of Lima Peru. My eyes are now permanently turned south and I am growing as a medical student in two languages, Spanish as well as English.

Increase In Female Doctors. The face of medicine is changing.