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Statements of Excellence for Medical Residency & Felllowship Positions

Fellowship Personal Statement in Neuroradiology

As I continued through different clinical rotations in medical school, I gradually came to more fully appreciate why I felt drawn to radiology in a special way, over and above my passion for the other branches of medicine.  I think the central aspect of this was my profound admiration for the way that radiology spans so many different disciplines, with diagnostics always as the central core. I was fascinated by radiology attendings’ breadth of knowledge across various medical fields, and enjoyed collaborating with physicians of diverse specialties.

My passion for neuroradiology truly blossomed when I joined the four-year radiology residency training program at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran. It was not long into my full immersion experience in radiology that I started to gravitate towards neuroradiology and began working towards carving out for myself a special focus in this area of radiology. I enjoy very much the diversity of experiences in neuroradiology, and the need for in-depth knowledge of neuroanatomy and medical physics. In September of 2009, I completed my radiology residency and began working as a diagnostic radiologist.

For a restless person with an ambitious personality like mine, it was just the start of a long journey. In 2013, my desire to advance my career and participate more fully in global medical research led me to secure a research position in the Pediatric Radiology Department of Texas Children’s Hospital. As a clinical research fellow with my main focus on neuroradiology research, I quickly found myself working on several projects including the application of fMRI and quantitative imaging biomarkers in the study of epilepsy. My ongoing research efforts in this area have resulted in several peer-reviewed publications and oral presentations in scientific conferences, with one of my co-authored papers winning the annual Lucien Levy Award as the best research article published in the American Journal of Neuroradiology in 2016.

My strong desire to expand my clinical knowledge led to entering a radiology residency program at Baylor College of Medicine in 2016. My radiology residency has been enriched by rotations at multiple hospitals including Ben Taub community hospital, the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Texas Children’s Hospital. My training in a community hospital has been instrumental in developing my organizational skills and proficiency in time management, helping me to further develop confidence and autonomy in performing minimally invasive procedures, having completed more than 400 image-guided procedures so far. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most distinguished neuroradiologists in the country and gained in-depth clinical experience in all aspects of neuroradiology including emergency neuroradiology, pediatric neuroimaging, and oncologic neuroimaging.

Of all the factors involved in making my decision for neuroradiology, the most important one is the excitement and fulfilment that comes with facing a spectrum of challenging neuroradiology cases where my clinical judgment has meaningful impact on patient outcomes. It was during my neuroradiology rotations that I found myself waking up in the morning before my alarm went off with joyful anticipation of what the day would bring, and at the end of each day, I couldn’t wait for the next work day to arrive.

I intend to continue my career in academic medicine where I can participate in patient care and teaching, and pursue my research interests. I aspire to become part of a fellowship program with extensive exposure to the variety of topics in neuroradiology that can further enhance my clinical, and teaching skills. Additionally, I look forward to the research opportunities that make me able to dive into the most current, cutting-edge research, making important contributions to the field of neuroradiology. In return, to my program I will bring my enthusiasm, perseverance, and passion for excellence.

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Sample 1st Paragraph Personal Statement, CARMS, ERAS, Fellowship Position in Endocrinology

I have a great passion for medicine and extensive clinical experience that would make me an asset to your team if I were to be selected for a fellowship position in Endocrinology. Originally from Colombia where I completed medical school, I am now about to begin the third year of my residency program in Internal Medicine here in the USA. I am especially well versed and experienced in the treatment of metabolic diseases and I find a great deal of satisfaction helping sick people, especially the elderly.

I have long cultivated a special interest in the study of what makes medical residency and fellowship statements especially effective. I take great delight at making certain that each client is happy with my product and I always feel proud of the material that I have prepared on your behalf.  I will make your unique ethnic and national heritage central to your story weaving it throughout the essay in a highly eloquent fashion that will give you the greatest chance of being awarded an interview for a residency position. Many of my clients are convinced that they would not have been invited for an interview if it were not for the excellence of their personal statement.

As a specialist in the area of diversity, I find particular joy in helping to foster the representation of all ethnicities in our medical institutions. I think it is not only healthy for America to have a medical staff that was born all over the world, but it is also healthy for the planet. For over a decade, I have helped thousands of residents struggling to write their own statement in English as a second or foreign language, something that can be enormously difficult. Please let me help! You need a very well written, eloquent statement in order to be accepted. Much of your competition uses professional help, which gives them an edge. It would be prudent for you to get help as well. I am committed to providing the highest possible quality of service to all applicants who turn to me for support, direction, and/or assistance. No matter where you come from on the globe, I struggle 7 days a week to provide you with the assistance that you need to produce an extremely effective and eloquent essay that maximizes your chances of being chosen for a medial residency or fellowship position in an English speaking country.