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MSCE, Transportation Engineering, Saudi Arabian

I was born, raised and educated in Saudi Arabia and am now resident in California. I was awarded my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering by the King Saud University and graduated fifth in my class with a high GPA score of 4.21 out of 5. My goals are to join the TE master’s program, excel within it and then to pursue a Ph.D. in the subject to enable me to become a specialist consultant and teacher in TE.

My interest in Civil Engineering arose when I had the opportunity to work in my brother’s successful building firm; I learned much about the industry and was keen to acquire a high level of skills and knowledge in the subject. I feel very fortunate that my natural aptitude for the subject coincided with a passionate interest in it. My graduation project involved testing for ‘expansive soil’ and its effects on building; my project work has been published.

It was during my bachelor program that I became aware of Transportation Engineering as a specialty, I became fascinated with the subject and recognized that the beneficial effect on a nation’s economic and social welfare of this specialty can hardly be overstated. I was also drawn by the breadth of topics that the specialty encompasses such as development, design, implementation, operation and management, the interfaces between various modes of transport and the competing alternatives for land use. I am also very excited at such developments as Intelligent Transport Systems and hope to be able to assist in a research project related to such innovative work during the program. I have a passionate desire to become an expert specialist in this area of work and am fortunate to have been awarded a scholarship to enable me to study the subject in the US where the world’s foremost experts in the subject work and teach.

Since graduating, I have acquired practical, research and teaching experience. I initially worked for my brother’s building firm at management level and then went on to take up a research post at the KS University during which I worked on several projects relating to advanced building materials and systems. One project, involving the use of palm leaves to produce a wood-like material was particularly fruitful and a patent was granted for our work. I was then appointed to a teaching post at KSU; I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my knowledge and skills and seeing my students achieving their potential. This experience has fired an ambition to return to my university to teach at the highest levels.

I have carefully researched the programs available to me and have concluded that UXX’s program is the optimum ‘fit’ for my needs because of the great breadth of topics taught, the wide choice of elective subjects and the reputation of the faculty. I am also attracted by the opportunity of acquiring experience through an internship in a city like Los Angeles where so much CE innovation has occurred.

I know that the program will attract many well qualified applicants but I genuinely regard myself as an excellent candidate. My academic record attests to my intelligence, diligence and a passion for CE; I have successful research experience and believe that I possess the characteristics of determination and a capacity for original thinking required to undertake significant, substantial and successful research; I also have some practical experience at management level but my main recommendation is my enthusiasm about the specialty, my determination to excel in the program, ‘add value’ to the academic community and become a leading expert and teacher in the subject.

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