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MS, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

For almost a decade, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my education, volunteerism and career, an unswerving path to the highest level of education possible in TL.  Giving my time, energy, and all that I am to my work in logistics (transportation) and supply chain management, I have only been left wanting to give more.  I feel I have exhausted every path of opportunity and challenge at my current educational level.  While I have an excellent grasp of the basics and processes from a business point of view, I am eager to increase my depth of understanding and bring a number of my personal and professional goals – my dreams – to reality.

 Turning to XXU and the Masters’s TL program is more than a logical choice given my education and exposure in the field, it is a natural choice as per my sensibilities and passion for what TL truly represents, namely social engineering.  Moreover, working in India as well as the US for Kubota Tractor as an SAP consultant in logistics and supply chain management has proven that I am exactly where I need to be.  More specifically, my work has shown me that there is a distinct and growing need for quality research and qualified leadership in TL, particularly in the optimal use of newer technologies such as RFID.

 Earning my MS in TL will enable me to be on the cutting edge of TL leadership, offering my services for firms or companies as well as teaching tomorrow’s leaders, at least part-time.  This dual thrust of my career will allow me to share my knowledge and experience for today’s issues as well as tomorrow’s, aiding not just the firms I will consult with, but society as well, developing and implementing creative, sustainable solutions to complex TL problems, issues that threaten our economy.  The timeliness of my degree choice has struck me very powerfully, that through my efforts, I can help nurture the green shoots of our economy’s recovery.

 I bring with me to XXXU’s student body and the TL program, a solid academic foundation in Civil Engineering, as well as Environmental Technology.  Of equal importance are my practical experiences in logistics, supply chain management and procurement, as well as in the use of the ERP tool, SAP.  What is more, having been born, educated and worked in two diverse countries – and continents – in addition to being multilingual, my skills are trans-cultural.  Coming to America was a choice to immerse myself not only in a new cultural experience, but to expose myself to the latest technologies, processes and TL theory, the finest scholastic and professional experiences possible.

 In order to serve my future students better, and evidence of my ability and love of teaching, I have worked as a graduate assistant in the School of Management and Department of Environmental Technology, as well as voluntarily teaching undergraduate students, both at NYIT.  As a future graduate student, I feel that I will be representing my field as a leader, representing XXXU, a role, and responsibility I will take seriously.  To this end, I have shown my commitment to the field, even in my co-curricular activities, volunteering for various environmental awareness programs on XXXX campus.  Furthermore, I have used my leadership abilities, heritage and understanding of the immigrant experience to great effect as Head of the XXXX International Student Committee. 

 The US and my homeland of India both are intimately aware of what TL can do for their collective future.  In post World War II America, the US interstate system got America back on its feet.  And now, in India, the Golden Quadrilateral is fueling India’s economy, and growing not just her cities, but also reaching out to the socio-economically depressed, some 50% of the population, living in abject poverty.  Without a grounding and compassion for others, the social engineering aspects of TL would be meaningless.  My track record of volunteerism and commitment to my education and career prove this.

 I look forward to my future in TL, and the possibility of attending XXXU, with great eagerness.  No other field ever has, nor ever could bring me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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