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M.Ed. Degree in Special Education, Disabilities

Two factors, in particular, account for my profound passion for professional growth in the area of special education and my decision to apply to your program. Foremost among these significant factors was the fact that I too was once in special education classes to overcome my disability to perform in the area of Mathematics. I am profoundly grateful to the excellent, caring, and extremely supportive special education teachers that I had. Without this extra support and accommodation, it is most unlikely that I would have even made it to college.

 Furthermore, my family has been devoted to the cause of special education since 1976 when they opened The XXXX, a special education, therapeutic boarding school for adolescents and young adults aged 11 through 22.  I worked with this program throughout college, and have continued my involvement since graduation. This is not only my family’s central passion and life’s work; it is mine as well. Earning a Master’s Degree from your state-of-the-art program will help me further my career and become certified as a Special Education Teacher. My long term goal is to work as a program developer and administrator.

 For some time now, I have volunteered as a surrogate parent for children that are wards of the state and need a "parent" to attend their IEP meetings so that they may receive special education services. I also currently serve as the academic coordinator at theXXXX School, where I wear many hats. Thus, I believe that I am a strong candidate for your program because I have so much invested in the field of Special Education, especially over the past 6 years since I graduated from college.

 The greatest asset that I hope to bring to your program, however, is my own experience as a special needs student. I am acutely aware of the sense of shame, anger, and hopelessness that a student can sometimes feel when they have to live with a learning disability. My own success story in overcoming my disability, graduating from college, and successfully entering the professional workforce will serve to continue to empower me throughout my professional life as I struggle to help other children and adolescents, inspiring them to do likewise.

 I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of early intervention and I plan to devote my life to serving as an advocate for special education students, a teacher, a role model and a ray of hope for those children and adolescents who have special learning needs and who often incorrectly feel that they are incapable of achieving academic and professional success in life.

 I am a cosmopolitan young woman devoted to the celebration of diversity and multiculturalism. I have traveled throughout Europe and most of the U.S., as well as Canada and some of the Caribbean. I keenly look forward to studying in a cohort style program online in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, taking two classes per semester, which will allow me to continue to work full time while completing my M.Ed. I also wish to express my profound appreciation for your consideration of my application.

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