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Certificate Program, HealthCare Informatics

I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for your program since I hold university degrees is both engineering and nursing. It is the connection between electrical engineering, computer science, internet communications, and software development, on the one hand, and nursing on the other, that forms the core of my professional interest. I am confident that you program will serve as the optimal platform to prepare me to make important contributions to the future progress of health care informatics. Perhaps my greatest professional asset is that I am an enormously hard worker. I currently hold two professional positions: employed as a full time clinical RN at XXXX Medical Center in Boston at the same time that I have now served for several months as a as a Clinical Software Quality Assurance Engineer with XXXX in Wakefield, MA. Your Certificate Program is the only program to which I am applying as I feel believe that it is the best fit for me, so that I can pursue graduate study at the same time that I continue to fulfill my professional responsibilities.

 Having now had the privilege of working as a nurse here in Boston for over a year, I am especially pleased to have developed a high level of skill in providing exceptional care to acute patients, especially those receiving hemodialysis treatments. I am particularly meticulous with respect to ensuring proper follow-up care and responding to patient questions concerning courses of therapy and health concerns. I very much enjoy completing clinical documentation in strict adherence to all organizational and governmental standards—in addition to monitoring equipment functions and reporting all issues and/or deviations. I am especially pleased to report that I earned the Certificate of Recognition for Excellent Patient Care. I also take great pride in my ability to work independently as well as with teams of physicians, clinicians, and therapists.

 I look forward to contributing towards the diversity of your program as someone was born and raised in Russia. As a cosmopolitan man and a world citizen who is well traveled—visiting, for example, Italy, France, and Spain, as well as New Zealand—I also have a keen interest in international cooperation in the area of health care informatics, especially between the United States and Russia. At some point in my career, I would very much like to assist the Russian people by helping to enhance their level of health care through technological development. I am closely following developments, for example, since Russian Prime Minister Putin announced a new, large large-scale health care reform to begin in 2011, pledging to allocate more than $10 billion.

 I believe that I am the kind of applicant that is well suited to your program since I have long distinguished myself in my ability to acquire and apply knowledge quickly and I am convinced that with my extensive background, both academic and professional, in areas of strategic importance to software development in health care informatics, along with what I will learn in your cutting-edge program, I will be prepared to make important contributions to the field of health-related organization. I especially appreciate the flexibility of your program, its compatibility with my other professional responsibilities. I seek much more than preparation for a high paying job. I want to contribute to my community, saving lives and laboring to streamline health care systems and structures. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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