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MS Degree in Speech-Language Pathology

XXXX University is close to where I live; but I am also very excited about the excellence of your program and would have been willing to travel if needed to have made this possible. Your outstanding program at Towson is my first choice for graduate study. I was born in New York but moved shortly after my birth, raised in a military family, I moved around a lot as a young child.  With each grade, I found myself attending a different school until high school.  While this was at times traumatic growing up, it has helped to fortify my ability to make friends quickly, and to get along well with people from all walks of life. I feel this experience during my adolescence contributed to my ability to relate and get along well with people.

First, I earned my Associates Degree from XXXX Community College with a concentration in Education; next, I earned my BS in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology with a minor in Psychology at XXXX.  I know people studying in the Master’s Program and I hope to be admitted to that I too will one day have the privilege of a rigorous preparation for the comprehensive examination that is required.

My long term goal is simply to be happy and to continue working in special education as a SLP.  I do want my Master’s Degree, however, so that I will be able to assume greater levels of responsibility and experience the fulfillment that accompanies professional advancement. One of the many reasons why I love the field of Speech-Language Pathology is the vast array of professional opportunities arising out of a greater awareness in our communities of the importance of SLP, from our educational institutions to our medical profession.  I find the medical track of speech therapy to be undergoing especially amazing progress.  I cannot wait for the chance to perform through participation in an off-campus clinical practicum in a hospital.  I have 6 years experience in two different non-public special education schools and I am anxious to be challenged by new, real world experiences in SLP. My ideal job would be to have my own practice here in the XXXX area providing speech therapy services, especially for children of the uninsured who might otherwise not seek help.  It is important to me that I continue to give back to my community.

Becoming an SLP profession is my journey that really only begins with your program, but will last for the balance of my professional life. I am ready to begin and the career I want to have until I am no longer able to work at my best potential.  I’ve worked in an educational setting for 6 years surrounded by teachers, social workers, psychologist, behavior specialists, occupational therapists, as well as SLPs and I deeply know I want to be a SLP.  One of the benefits offered to me at the school I am currently employed at is the opportunity to go back to school tuition free at a local university.  I have the option of going back to become a licensed special education teacher, with the choice to also earn a Masters degree in special education.  Even with this opportunity I know I would rather challenge myself to become the SLP I am meant to be.  I have been on the other side of graduate school, the professional work setting, and I know what it takes to be a SLP.  Another reason XXXX University should choose me over other qualified applicants is because XU is the one and only school to which I am applying.  XU is my alma mater.  XU is where I earned my B.S. in Speech-Language pathology and it is where I want to earn my M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology.  After I attended XU meet and greet and heard about the new speech clinic where on-campus practicum would be heard I knew XU was the only school for me.  The new speech clinic will be located in a brand new community wellness center.  The wellness center will offer a range of programs and services designed to provide health and wellness to individuals and their families.  After hearing about the new wellness center where on-campus practicum will take place I was extremely excited.  What a wonderful facility for the community.  It was at this moment I realized why I truly want to be a SLP, to give back to the community.  I have always had a desire to help others.  I want to make more of a difference in the lives of my students and their families than I have as a classroom assistant.  I want for myself to make more of a difference in each work day.  I want to help individuals and their families communicate to the best of their abilities.

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