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Master’s Degree in Regulatory Science, Affairs

I was born in Iran to a British military family and raised in England. I now live in XXXX, California. I hold a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Management from Tehran University, a Master’s degree in Health Administration and Policy awarded by the XXU and a Ph.D. in Health Administration and Policy awarded by XXU.  I currently hold senior posts in health administration and as an Executive Health Administrator. I have long been interested in the legislative regulation related to patient and public safety and now wish to pursue formal qualifications in this area of expertise.

 It is clear that the ever-increasing rapidity of medical advances carries with it increasingly complex sets of potential risks and the need for greater specialist expertise in the drafting and monitoring of effective regulation. During my long experience in health administration, I have been involved in the conduct of various clinical trials and have consequently acquired some knowledge of the regulatory environment relating to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  I also have a long standing interest in patient safety and the development and application of ethical behavior in health related research and product development. The program provides an ideal way for me to pursue my interests and to enhance the general welfare and well being of patients.

 I have had a very successful academic career to date and am determined to excel in this program, should my application be successful. I undertake to give my work in the program my highest priority. I enjoy acquiring new skills and knowledge but, because the subject matter of the program is so important to me, I can promise very enthusiastic and wholehearted participation. I have substantial previous research experience in interdisciplinary environments and am very familiar with the techniques applied in successful research.  I regard the prospect of undertaking research in this subject to be very exciting and hope to do so in the area of healthcare ethics. I also look forward to sharing the fruits of my significant research experience with my class.

 It is my intention, having completed the M.S. program, to pursue the Ph.D. in Regulatory Science in order to maximize my utility in this vital field and to be enabled to teach the subject as an expert. I am aware that health product regulation is not sufficiently advanced in some parts of the world and I hope to share my knowledge and skills with those who promote effective health product regulation in such communities.

 I have long been involved in volunteer activity related to the provision of humanitarian aid to under-developed countries with such organizations as the ‘Childrens’ Hunger Fund’. I have headed delegation to some of these countries to provide health education and humanitarian aid.

 I have travelled very extensively and have been exposed to many different cultures during my life. My first language is English but I also speak French, Italian, Spanish and Armenian.  I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many different cultures and social backgrounds. I regard myself as being exceptionally culturally aware and sensitive and I appreciate the importance of these characteristics in work and research related to health regulation.

 I am aware that the program will attract many well qualified applicants. However I genuinely consider myself to be an excellent candidate by reason of my proven academic ability, my relevant experience and background but, most importantly, my passion for the advancement of health product safety. I am convinced that I can ‘add value’ to the academic community and look forward to sharing my significant and relevant knowledge and skills and to receiving the benefit of those that others will bring to the program.

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