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MPH, Public Health Saudi Arabia, Surgeon

A licensed physician in my country, Saudi Arabia, still only 26 years old, I feel strongly that earning the MPH Degree in your particularly highly esteemed MPH Program at XXXX University would inspire and empower me to make my maximum contribution to my society as a medical professional. I believe that I am held in high esteem by my supervisors and colleagues primarily because I am such a hard worker. My promise is noted, for example, by the fact that I am currently serving as a Teaching Assistant in General Surgery.

I am now living in New Jersey and preparing myself for further study with a student F1 visa in the USA so that I can advance in my medical career in Saudi Arabia and also grow as a physician so that I can think of myself and be recognized as an international physician. I am applying to your distinguished program in Public Health at XXXX University because of the way in which your program is famous worldwide and recognized as one of the finest and most international programs in public health in the world.

I was born and raised in Jedda, Saudi Arabia which is the KSA’s most international city, and home to large populations of foreigners from all over the world. I especially look forward to being trained at XXXX University because of your diverse student population from all over the world, learning from my peers as well as your distinguished faculty, from their examples, and testimonies about the public health struggles that they face as well in their home countries. I look forward to exchanging ideas about our public health struggles and challenges on a global level, so that we can learn together, networking and collaborating, building ties that will last for a lifetime, sharing creative ideas for progressive evolution in the health care sectors in which we work.

I have decided to give my life to public health with a special focus on my city of Jeddah because I crave the challenge entailed in the struggle to drastically reduce the extremely high rates of death from preventable diseases by so many Saudi Arabians. Since I have become a doctor in Saudi Arabia, in particular, I have become increasingly disturbed by the way in which we now see increasing numbers of cases of cancer, especially breast cancer in very young women, as young as 25 and 30 years old, and many cases that are already metastasized. This suggests to me that the medical professional still has a lot of work to do in Saudi Arabia not only caring for cancer victims but also collaborating with public health officials in the constant and ongoing search for to discover and do away with carcinogens in our environment. This is the area of study in particular in which I seek to specialize in your program.

New initiatives to protect public health in Saudi Arabia are especially important given the large number of international visitors that we receive, particularly those coming each year on pilgrimage to Hijj and Omra in Makah as well as during the month of Ramadan in which I almost always volunteer with our Red Crescent. These large concentrations of people from many different countries all in one place represent great potential risk for disease contagion to which we must always remain especially vigilant. I am convinced that earning the MPH Degree at XXXX University will help me to make important contributions in this area in the future.  We also are in desperate need of improvement in Saudi Arabia in the area of medical information, making it more readily available and I also look forward to learning more in this area.

I thank you for considering my application.

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