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MSC Public Health, Nutrition UK

Having finally won a long personal battle to lose weight and to maintain the loss, I decided to study Clinical Nutrition in order to assist others dealing with the same issue. During my studies, voluntary activities and subsequent work, I became increasingly aware of the wide and growing incidence of obesity and the seriousness of its effects on health. Having dealt with the issue on a personal, an individual and on a local level, it is now my goal to be a part of the global solution to this grave and escalating problem and in the general promotion of good health worldwide.

I believe that my undergraduate degree and professional activity to date has provided an excellent base that will enable me to excel within the programme and to develop and hone relevant skills that I have already demonstrated. These skills include analytical and planning skills, the ability to evaluate, especially statistical, data and an understanding of cross-disciplinary cooperation to achieve common goals. I have significant experience in giving presentations and producing literature relating to the adoption of healthy lifestyles and diets. I am confident that I possess the ability to communicate effectively both personally and through the medium of persuasive writing at a standard that is required of a professional at the level that I aim to reach.

 My undergraduate GPA score of 4.01/5 is a reflection of my deep interest in the subject of nutrition and my future academic potential. My ultimate goal is to pursue a Ph.D. and to undertake consultancy work, teaching and research.

I have been offered a scholarship by my employers to pursue M.Sc. studies in Public Health which is clear recognition of their confidence in my proven abilities and further potential.  Your programme is my first choice for several reasons: the ‘Nutrition Pathway’ and several of the modules within it coincide with my own special interests; the emphasis on research and the reputation of the faculty for impressive research output; the prestigious faculty; the availability of relevant expertise from other departments within the University; the successful career outcomes of its graduates and the breadth of the curriculum. I am also attracted by the idea of working in a lively town which is near the sea, which I love. I feel sure that the programme will provide the challenging but supportive academic environment in which I can thrive. I am particularly aware of the impressive work of Professor XXXX, Dr. XXXX and Dr. XXXX in their various specialties. I hope that it might be possible to assist in a research project relating to the social and cultural determinants of physical and mental health in women and children with Dr. XXXX. I am aware that effective research calls for a specific skill set and certain personal characteristics. I am confident that I have the dogged determination, high level analytical and team working skills together with a capacity for original thinking that will enable me to become an effective researcher.

While hoping to be part of the global solution to improving public health, I am aware that it is necessary not to become detached from real people with real problems and to avoid seeing people as mere budgetary or statistical units. No matter how exalted a position I might achieve, I intend to constantly seek ‘real world’ exposure to ensure that I retain my focus on the underlying ‘why’ of my studies and work.

I am conscious of the fact that cultural awareness and sensitivity is vital in this field of work and that an understanding of the culture and attitudes of those one seeks to serve is fundamental in being an effective specialist. While my studies and career to date have been undertaken in Saudi Arabia, I am fairly widely travelled having visited several countries in the Middle East and, in Europe, Italy, Switzerland and France. I love to travel and hope that my future work will provide the opportunity to visit many countries. I very much look forward to sharing knowledge of my own culture and learning about English culture and others during the programme. I am an outgoing person who gets along easily with other people and am blessed with a well-developed sense of humour.

I believe that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. I have recently commenced studying French as a pastime because of its beauty and expressiveness. My other interests include digital arts, design and photography, I also enjoy creative writing and was awarded a prize in this field when a student.

To summarise, I am confident that I possess the academic ability and potential together with the skills and personal characteristics that will enable me to excel rather than merely succeed within the programme. I am confident that I can ‘add value’ to the programme by bringing unique insights from my studies and career to date. I promise the reader that I shall apply myself with exceptional enthusiasm and dilegence to the programme and will seek to enhance its prestigious reputation in my future work.

Thank you for considering my application.

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