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Masters PA, Indian Medical Doctor with MPH

Despite the fact that I was a practicing physician in my native India, and have successfully completed a Master’s Degree in Public Health here in the United States, I want very much to return to school again because I have become convinced that becoming a Physician Assistant is what I most want to do professionally, for the balance of my career. I feel strongly that my medical training and background in public health make me a strong candidate for your program and that I will be in a position to excel and to give my all to my studies at your distinguished institution.

I grew up in a family where education was highly valued. As I was growing up I found myself increasingly attracted to the mysteries of the human body. With encouragement from my family and in order to pursue my goal, I decided to pursue a career in the medical field.

During the third year of my Medical school I liked several aspects of my different clinical rotations, but I found that the role of primary care physician most closely matched my interests and abilities. In India, I had worked part time as an assistant with my uncle who is a Family Practice physician. I was really influenced by his personal qualities and ideals. He believes that one should treat a patient like a family member. Familiarity with the family's environment is essential in performing a complete assessment and treatment of the patient's condition.  

Preventive medicine was one of the specialties that caught my interest while I was in medical school. I felt that by pursuing MPH in USA, I would be able to combine the research and clinical aspect of medicine to contribute effectively to health care. During my Masters' of Public Health career in University of Illinois at Chicago, I had been privileged to work with the Great Lake Center (a WHO collaborating center). With my clinical research experiences at University of Illinois at Chicago and Cook County Hospital, I learned various research methodologies and grant preparation. My public health knowledge will help me to deal with community and my clinical training will help me to deal with individual patient.

Apart from this, my clinical rotations in terms of observership and externship at University of Illinois at Chicago, Jackson park hospital, Oak forest hospital and provident hospital I have learned the way of clinical practice in USA and importance of evidence based medicine in clinical practice. I learned about Physician Assistant profession. Patient care is one of my strong passions and I believe that I can actively render my services to the patient even as a physician assistant also. I can learn more about United State clinical practice. It is a primary door for patient. I can able to sharpen my level of professionalism and patient management skills through my perseverance and under the leadership of senior physician. I can serve to all age group of patient and also work in rural area.

My current goal is to attain a thorough training of all the principles of care in Physician Assistant Profession. I seek a program with a dynamic balance of academic theory and extensive clinical expertise.  I assure you that I will follow the evidence-based approach to ensure that the care offered is humanistic, comprehensive and patient centered.  I possess the drive and determination to succeed that will challenge me to continue to develop my skills, to build on my medical school experience and reward my continuing desire to learn. Your program, along with my interests, attention to detail, and enthusiasm, will fuel my ability to succeed as a Physician Assistant.

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