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MSc Physical Chemistry, Saudi Applicant

A love of Physics was fired in me as soon as I was exposed to the subject by an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. I was fascinated by simple experiments demonstrating the relationship between heat and work and a special interest in thermodynamics was born. My passion ultimately led to the award of my bachelor’s degree in Physics with high marks and the consequent government award of a full scholarship to pursue higher studies in Canada.

 My interest in Physical Chemistry derives from the fact that it is a practical synthesis of Math, Physics and Chemistry. The practicality of the discipline will enable me to ‘add value’ to the world and assist in its economic development and is especially relevant to the economy of my home country. While I seek to ‘make a living’, it is just as important to me to ‘make a difference’.

 My goal is to join the M.Sc. program at XXU and, once completed, to pursue a doctorate in Physical sciences and thereafter to teach at a university in Saudi Arabia while undertaking research. In this way I hope to spread and share my knowledge and usefully apply it.

 Saudi Arabia, like many parts of the world, suffers a shortage of specialists in Physical Chemistry, especially females. I want to be a role model to female students in my home country and encourage girls to pursue studies and careers in the sciences.

 I am particularly interested in the work of Professor XXXX and hope to undertake research in one or more of her areas of interest. My academic record will provide reassurance that I can be relied upon to give maximum effort and diligent and enthusiastic participation in the program. I hope to be given the opportunity to prove my worth to the academic community.

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