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PHD IT, Pathologist Assistant Faculty

Now 38 years old, I have been living in the USA for the second half of my life, leaving my native Portugal and coming to America alone at the age of 19 in search of adventure, career, human growth and experience, etc; I decided to stay and make it my home. Speaking very little English when I first arrived proved to be an easily surmountable challenge since I am gifted with a facility for languages. In addition to my native Portuguese and the mastery of English, I also speak both Spanish and French very well and I can get by in Italian.

My passion for language and education led me to complete an MA Degree in TESOL in 2011. This would turn out to be an exercise that would have great relevance for my volunteer work, serving as a host ESL teacher and family for a number of Hispanic students from poor families. I also taught Spanish for 2 years in a private Catholic school. By the time that I finished my Master’s in TESOL, however, I had already found my new love - Pathology - as a result of beginning my volunteer service with the XXXX County Medical Examiner in Detroit in February of 2009, where I continue to spend as much time as my schedule will allow, helping out with a variety of research projects and issues.

My volunteer position in support of forensic evisceration with the XXXX County Medical Examiner inspired me to begin studying towards my BS in Pathologists’ Assistant Studies and I graduated in 2014. I do not generally go around telling people that the dissection of cadavers has been among the highest moments of my life but it is true. I have always seen death as our foremost enemy and it is for this reason that I want to know why someone died. I have performed countless autopsies first as a volunteer and then as a certified Pathologist Assistant. Continuing to give my all to the cause of making our efforts more efficient and cost effective in this area, therefore, represents my crowning achievement and contribution.

Performing so many autopsies has opened numerous windows for me, inspiring me to grow enormously as a highly interdisciplinary scientist learning a great deal about a broad variety of disciplines. This in turn made me marketable to the university community and goes a long way to explain the fact that I serve as a faculty member at XXXX in the Pathologists’ Assistant Studies Program.

I could continue to grow professionally and academically at the same time that I continue to serve as a faculty member by earning a doctoral or terminal degree in one of several different areas. After giving the matter a lot of thought, however, and talking it over with some of my colleagues, I have decided to apply for study towards the PHD in Instructional Technology because I want my special focus to be on education and to take full advantage of my prowess for technology.

I could not be more pleased with my career development and my progress thus far in my professional life, especially since I am honored to serve on the faculty of XXXX University’s Pathologist Assistant Program. I feel very strongly, however, that I need to earn a doctoral degree to realize my fullest potential and make my maximum contribution to my field as a faculty member. I also believe that Instructional Technology is the area where I will learn the things that are most relevant to making creative contributions to Pathology Assistant Education. Thus, I am asking for acceptance to study towards the PHD Degree in Instructional Technology at XXXX University.

I am attracted to your PHD Program in Instructional Technology because it is education based and can assist me in moving up the ranks, ultimately seeking a university teaching certificate which I believe will make a more marketable candidate for advancement since I hope at some point to have the privilege of serving as a program director.  I intend to pursue a cognate in the area of Anatomy since this is the area in which I am most familiar.

I love the ways in which your PHD Program in Instructional Technology at XXXX University is geared towards educators with a comprehensive cognate in educational administration that will help to prepare me to assume greater levels of responsibility in and heighten my contribution to the XXXX academic community. I would feel especially honored to have the opportunity to assist with research addressing technological advancement issues in the anatomical sciences, particularly the potential of holograph for applications in anatomy courses.

Ultimately I want to be an efficient and effective teacher who is able to design classroom instruction that includes effective delivery systems, appropriate assessment and evaluation, all while taking into account the various learning styles of my students.  Your focuses on designing instruction and applying learning theory in the enhancement of teaching and learning strategies has me very excited to get started with my doctoral studies.

It would be thrilling to become increasingly involved in a field that is constantly in motion and enables one to stay current in biological, anatomical, and pathological developments, working towards an advanced degree in a field that supports change management and the adoption of innovation through integration of state-of-the-art educational technology. For these reasons I see your IT program as the ideal springboard to propel me forward professional and ultimately make my maximum contribution as both a teacher and later an administrator as well.

The director of my program at XXXX has been my champion for several years now. He was especially struck by my presentation skills when I was his student and with his support I was chosen to represent the program at a national conference, doing a poster presentation on inflammatory breast cancer that was mentioned by the inflammatory breast cancer research foundation.  Being a co-author of several papers in the forensic field has also helped me establish myself as an educator at XXXX. In fact, my program director will be retiring in a few years and he has been grooming me to take over his position, with respect to both the Pathologists’ Assistant Studies Program and the Post-graduate Forensic Investigation Program. He also concurs that Instructional Technology is the best field for my doctoral studies.

Thus, I dream of becoming the Program Director of the Pathologists' Assistant Program. As a teacher it is always my goal to see that ‘light bulb’ turn on in my students’ faces and so I strive to make my classes as interactive as possible, and always make the material highly relevant to the future careers and professional goals of my students. Earning my PHD in IT at XXXX will allow me to develop my skills so as to ensure that my students leave the classroom knowing that I have provided all that I can for the enhancement of their profession and academic preparation.

I thank you for consideration of my application.


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