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MS Masters Program, Pathologist Assistant

When I first dissected a frog in the ninth grade, I was thrilled to witness the unseen elements that sustained a living creature. I felt intrigued about how the various organs worked and contributed to the robust health of the organism. I was keen to find the answers to questions in my biology class and thrived especially on the study of anatomy with a great thirst for the first-hand examination of the vast array of organs, nerves, and other systems that drive life in even more primitive form such as the t of the frog. Today, as a young professional, I am still driven  by this same thirst for scientific knowledge in the area of biology, which is why I completed my undergraduate studies in this area and why I think that I am a strong candidate for your program.

 I first became attracted to a career as a Pathologist Assistant as I began to research the field as an undergraduate student. Well aware of the fact that I needed additional training and experience in a medical field, I enrolled in and completed an EMT-Basic Program. I learned how to perform thorough assessments of patient symptoms and administer efficient and effective care. I especially relished the hands-on training sessions, as they reassured me of my basic strengths and reinforced my caring nature. More recently, I have just been accepted into a Medical Laboratory Technology Program. I am now working in close association with pathologists to identify and administer suitable medical tests to patients. Along with my previous professional and volunteer experiences, I have extensive experience at analyzing and evaluating data, preparing reports, and working with software. My volunteer work in hospice with the Healing Hearts Service Club has helped me to become an effective caretaker and communicator. Now I feel strongly that I have the appropriate tool kit and professional maturity to excel in your program.

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