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Masters Physician Assistant Studies, Surgery

Medicine is for me a fascination with the complex factors that account for how the relationship between the mind, the body, and the unknown, unfolds in mysterious ways. I have been early exploring these dynamic since I was a child. My mission in life is to help those who cannot help themselves; this…

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Masters PA, At-Risk Communities, German

My family has no medical connection that I can trace nor can I claim an early longing to become a PA, nurse or doctor. In fact I was, until fairly recently, happy to be a dedicated and reasonably well rewarded ‘back room girl’ working as a Research Analyst. However, over the years, I have met people…

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PA, Student Pilot, Iran, Dean’s List, Spanish

Since I became a student pilot, flying has helped to better prepare me for medical emergencies as well as refining my ability to always stay cool and achieve efficiency through optimal communication. My first solo flight required immense preparation, which my father, a pilot of twenty-two years, was…

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PA Masters Polish Speaker, Healthy Living

“Does anyone speak Polish?” The director of rehabilitation was concerned about a recently admitted Parkinson’s disease patient who was failing to take her medication and who was anxious and confused following her recent diagnosis and admission to the acute rehabilitation facility where I was a volun…

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PA Physician Assistant Studies, Rural America

I have made some ‘false starts’ in my choice of career. The mistakes I have made have been painful and confusing but I now feel that these experiences can have a positive effect on my life and future. They have provided me with much experience relevant to this application and have ultimately led me …

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PA Masters Physician Assistant Studies, Indian

I was small when my cousin died from a congenital aortic stenosis. Heartbroken, I came to relive the experience over many years later as I observed countless underprivileged cardiac patients in India who would soon die from lack of adequate medical care. I see the medical care giver as noble, which …

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PA Physician Assistant Masters Program, African

I clearly remember the moment when I realized what my calling in life was: an unexpected medical emergency with my brother heightened my awareness of the importance of acquiring proper health treatment from trained and knowledgeable health professionals. It takes only an instant for someone's life t…

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