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Masters OT, African American

I am an African American male, born in the Bahamas and raised in Fort Lauderdale where I currently live and work. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration from Barry University. I speak English, Creole and French and have a working knowledge of Spanish.

 About six years ago, my father suffered a very serious stroke and was hospitalized for nearly six months. At the time, his doctors informed him that he would probably never walk again or regain the use of his left arm and hand. My dad and his therapist knew better!  He now takes long walks and has most of the use of his left arm and hand.  Much of this unexpected improvement is the result of the patience and determination of the therapist who encouraged and cajoled my father to go further and further in finding the boundaries of his physical abilities. The therapist’s cheerfully determined role in this unexpectedly positive outcome fired my interest in this line of work.  I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives and to do so in the way he did.

 I know that I am useful in my present occupation, however the world is probably not short of administrators, even very good ones but is perhaps short of the kind of people who could emulate my dad’s therapist. I believe that I am such a person. I have carefully considered the qualities required of an effective therapist and believe that I possess them.  I have a genuine desire to help people to help themselves, I am a good listener, I have determination, I am patient, I relate well to others, I have a creative approach to problem solving and, not least, I have a sense of humor.

 I know that ‘outsiders’ sometimes tend to sentimentalize the caring professions because they have only a vague idea of the reality of the day to day work involved. This is not so in my case, I have seen the hard work, determination and commitment applied in good therapy and I know that there will be bad days and clients who are difficult to help. However I also know that I am the kind of person who can cheerfully face and overcome such obstacles.

 It would be my hope to undertake practical training in a wide variety of settings and with different types of patients. The diversity of the work that a therapist can undertake is an appealing aspect of the job. However, my immediate goal after graduation would be to find employment in a rehabilitation hospital and work with brain trauma patients and particularly older and geriatric patients affected by strokes. If possible, I should like to assist in research projects relating to therapy to assist these types of patient.

 I have carefully read the course description and am very excited by the prospect of participating in this program. I am a graduate of Barry and look forward to returning to its inspiring academic environment which I know to be challenging but highly enjoyable. It is my firm intention, if selected, to apply myself fully to the program and to excel within it.

 I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for this program and difficult choices will have to be made. However I genuinely believe that I possess the qualities required of a highly successful participant in the program and, ultimately, of a first class therapist.

 Thank you for considering my application.

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