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DNP CRNA, Nurse Anesthesia, Nigerian

I moved from our native Nigeria to Nashville Tennessee when I was 8 years old. Now, 26 and a very hard working, licensed FNP. I hope to be selected to your competitive Nurse Anesthesia program in part on the basis of the fact that I have earned a 3.9 GPA during my graduate studies so far, in addition to the invaluable experience that I have already acquired serving in 2 different positions as a nurse, in Trauma OR since January of 2013 and CVICU since December of 2015. The XXXX School of Anesthesia is my first choice for graduate study for a variety of reasons principal of which is your location, not far from my home where I am established and have the full support of my family for the rigors of returning to school full time.

Since an early age, I have had a love of learning. By the time I was in high school, I realized that each of us, as individuals, should share and contribute the knowledge and skills gained to the betterment of humanity as a collective. I truly am fully devoted to the welfare of my patients and often drift off to sleep thinking about them because it is in caring and caring for that I find my greatest joy in life. Caring for people who I have never known before and doing so by giving my all just as I would with my own family, this is my philosophy and central guiding principle in nursing.

After careful self-analysis of my interests, and natural abilities, and research on various universities and career opportunities, I enrolled at XXXU as an undergrad in the School of Nursing program. I excelled in my studies and graduated Cum Laude in 2012. Shortly after completing my undergraduate coursework, I enrolled in a graduate program. I hold a MSN degree and I am currently a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner. I have always been drawn to anesthesia care and the professional roles and responsibilities of the CRNA. I crave the knowledge, autonomy, and responsibility involved. My past and current experiences in Trauma OR and CVICU continue to groom me well as I make it a point to learn as much as I can each day, learning to think critically, anticipate, and balance the needs of the patient surgically, pharmacologically, and physiologically, address problems before they arise. I have learned a great deal in particular from facing up to challenges while serving as a preceptor, Relief Staff Leader (RSL), and staff nurse. My experience to date provides me with an excellent foundation to manage and utilize resources as a productive member of a multidisciplinary team.

I feel strongly that I am at the optimal moment to return to graduate school and face the rigors of your competitive program in Nurse Anesthesia, with both the maturity and energy needed to excel. I keenly look forward to enhancing, advancing, and expanding my knowledge, skills and training focused on anesthesiology. The XXXX School of Anesthesia has the perfect combination of in-depth curriculum, distinguished faculty, humanitarian vision, and vast resources invested in education.  I especially like the blending of ethical responsibility with innovation, leadership, and technological advancement that is emphasized by your mission.

A firm believer in life-long education and service to humanity, my goal is to obtain a Doctoral Degree in Nursing and eventually return to my native Nigeria to serve as a professor in the field of anesthesia. As I see it, the future holds much hope and great potential for the betterment of humanity through the implementation and delivery of quality services in healthcare and I seek the opportunity to be an active part of this visionary progress.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my application for enrollment.

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