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MPH Sustainable Development Goals

Like most young people, I had a desire to spend my life ‘making a difference’ rather than merely making a living and, like so many others I suppose, the necessity to make a living became the focus. The event that fired my interest in health was the premature birth of my son and his consequent medica…

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MPH Public Oral Health, Indian-American

My GPA was not quite competitive enough to get me accepted to dental school. Thus, I need to improve my academic credentials if I am to realize my dream of spending the future as a humanitarian dentist provider with a special focus on the Developing World. I feel strongly that earning the MPH Degree…

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MPH Epidemiology, Latino, Sports Medicine

The Master of Public Health in Applied Epidemiology at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons ranging from what is for me your ideal location to the very thoroughgoing nature of your program. I appreciate the enormous and diverse experience of your faculty, e…

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MPH Master’s Public Health, Saudi Arabian

My country, Saudi Arabia, is very wealthy however it still suffers a shortage of highly qualified specialist physicians in many areas. Although advanced in most areas of general healthcare provision, research in the area of public health services is not so well advanced in comparison with those of …

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MPH Online, Community Health, STDs, Nicaraguan

I was born in my native Nicaragua and remember just about enough of it so that I consider myself to be fully bicultural as well as bilingual. This is a great asset in California where so many of those who are underserved by our health care systems are recent arrivals who generally speak little to n…

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MPH Degree, Saudi Arabian

I was identified as a ‘gifted student’ while at High School and realized that many professions were open to me. I considered the many paths available to me very carefully. I knew that I wanted to help people and concluded that my abilities and potential would be best applied to medicine. I have nev…

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MPH Degree, Iranian-Hungarian

I am a 33-year-old woman Iranian-Hungarian woman, a product of a marriage between these two cultures and languages. And I am a medical doctor, trained at the Semmelwiese University of Medicine in Budapest, Hungry in an all-English program. After graduating, I worked as a physician in our public hos…

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MPH Public Health, Nigeria, Africa

I am applying to the XXXX School of Public Health primarily because of the centrality of its mission to improve health care in the Developing World, especially Africa. I feel that I am qualified to attend your extremely competitive and prestigious program because of the potential that I have for con…

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MPH Degree, Nigerian Doctor, Africa

I am applying to the XXXX School of Public Health primarily because of the centrality of its mission to improve health care in the Developing World, especially Africa. I feel that I have a chance of being accepted to your program because of the potential that I have for contributing to the fight to …

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PHD Global Public Health, Chinese Woman

I am a 23-year-old woman from China who will be finishing my MPH Degree at XXXX University this coming May of 2011. I have concentrated most of all in epidemiology but have also developed a profound interest in global health. I hope very much to be accepted to your world-renowned Program at XXX Univ…

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MPH, Masters Degree in Public Health, Indian

I come from a family of health care workers in a small city in India, the youngest of several siblings who are all doctors. As my studies progress, I became more and more aware of the grave interconnections between poverty, on the one hand, and morbidity on the other. Especially tragic are the death…

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MPH Degree Program Application, African Man

I am an African man who has chosen to devote his professional life to the study of Epidemiology. I have always been deeply concerned by the terrible loss of life that occurs in my native Africa as a result of the spread of contagious disease. I am particularly distressed by the way in which easily t…

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MPH Degree Program, Medical Doctor from Iraq

I am a 28-year-old medical doctor from Iraq who now lives in Houston, Texas. I want very much to attain a Masters Degree in Public Health to enhance my professional capacity and stature as a medical professional. XXU is my first choice for graduate study because it is the finest program of its kind …

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MPH Masters Public Health, Infectious Disease

Every ceiling becomes the platform for the next level; having worked as a nursing professional in the clinical and research setting, I believe that I am ready for the next level in my career. Enrolling in the Masters in Public Health Program at the University of XXXX would provide me with a broader …

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