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MPA Program, Leadership, Puerto Rico

I am applying to your especially distinguished MPA Program at XXXX University out of my profound respect for your emphasis on the importance of leadership. I want very much to move ahead in my career with the United States government and assume increasing higher levels of responsibility. Earning the MPA Degree from a cutting edge program like yours at XXXX University will enable to excel and to distinguish myself in the service of my country.

Sometimes, depending on whom I am working with or the task at hand, my Spanish is useful. I spent the first 11 years of my life in my native Puerto Rico and I am very proud to serve my country, the United States as a civilian employee and as an engineer who gives his all to getting the job done. I totally love my job, my working environment, the high-tech challenge of the military-industrial complex. The center of my world is the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and I cannot think of anywhere else that I would rather be. This is why, my ideal job for the long term would be to someday serve as the Department Head of the Lifting & Handling Department at the XXXX Naval Shipyard.

I am an Electrical Engineer who is very hungry to learn all that he can, but want to learn the managerial side of things. I seek the kind of complete, cutting-edge immersion offered by your program at XXXX University in order to be able to use my experience in Engineering on behalf of management—combining my skills in design and implementation of equipment alterations and providing extremely accurate systems for monitoring and evaluating our cranes. 

Roughly half of the people in my land of origin would like greater political independence from the USA. I have become fully Puerto Rican-American, however, and even have sentiments of patriotism that inspire me on my job and enhance my senses of professional fulfillment. Increasingly, our nuclear armed submarine fleets have become the most prominent factor in our defense and strategic deterrence. Thus, maintaining, repairing and modernizing our Navy’s submarines bring me an incomparable sense of satisfaction as I feel that I am helping to protect my people and my home, our way of life, and, in fact, political liberties worldwide.

Accepting me into your program and providing me with a most dynamic professional platform will enable me to empower other minorities to assume positions of leadership, especially Hispanics who are needed in greater numbers in leadership positions. I survived the streets of a very mean New York City at times and I know what it means to claw one’s way to a good education that can result in upward mobility. The streets of New York also taught me a lot of valuable lessons in life.

I have done volunteer work through my church for many years because I like assisting people who are in need. I hope to do more volunteer work in the future encouraging minorities to strive for leadership positions.

I thank you for your consideration of my application. 

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