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MN Advanced Clinical Nursing Saudi Arabian

I am a nurse in Saudi Arabia who’s dedicated, motivated and very much wants to study abroad so as to better prepare myself for advancement in my field. I am especially favorably impressed with your MN Program in Advanced Clinical Nursing and I see it as the best fit for my interests in learning how to make my optimal contribution to nursing in the KSA. I look forward to the entire spectrum of studies in your curriculum, on health and well-being, illness and healing, and learning to think in multidisciplinary ways about health promotion and illness prevention. I am convinced that by studying the complex nursing challenges of Canada’s multicultural population and their health care system aspects, I will learn how to make major contributions and influences to Saudi nursing career in the future.

 I finished my BSN, graduating from King Abdulaziz University in August of 2003. The strongest part of my application, however, is my professional experience. I began with a one year internship where I learned a great deal about the complexities and many challenges faced by nurses. From February to April of 2005, I completed an intensive, 10 week internal scholarship program in critical care nursing at XXXX Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh in the Medical/Surgical ICU and then began serving at XXXX Adult Intensive Care Unit, where I remain until today. I especially look forward to doing research in the areas of critical care and trauma nursing and have dedicated a great deal of time to independent study in these areas as well as always seeking greater levels of exposure at my hospital.

As with Western Society, Saudi society is also aging. In many ways, our ability and capacity to provide adequate nursing care to our elderly population has been drastically overrun by the increasingly high numbers of elderly people in Saudi Arabia that are in need of services. Thus, I also very much want to cultivate an active and enduring interest in all aspects of nursing care for the elderly, so that I will be in a position to make important contributions in elderly care to patients here in the KSA.

Saudi Arabia needs more nursing professionals that are fully prepared to serve as case managers—organizing and coordinating services and resources at the same time that they also control costs. I look forward to decades of professional growth as a Certified Nursing Specialist, managing patient care, and helping to steer Saudi hospital systems through the complex challenges that they will continue to face. I look forward very much to providing leadership to other nurses and making a difference in our health care systems. Among the issues that I look forward to researching are the ways in which health care in Saudi Arabia is developing very fast and resulting in multiple governmental and independent service providers. I also want to study how our economic growth has impacted our health needs and resulted in changes in health behavior.

Finally, I want to critically examine the issue of the large number of migrant nurses in the KSA and how this impacts the quality of our health care. Both my nursing education and my workplace are primarily English speaking environments. Speaking English as a professional helps me to think of myself as a citizen of the world and I am keenly looking forward to many multicultural experiences in Canada. I hope to become a role model for other Saudi nurses and a highly proficient mentor to new generation of nursing students in my home country.

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