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Medical Residency Family Practice, Indian

Many of my life circumstances have motivated me to purse the especially rewarding field of Family Practice in medicine. Of central importance was growing up in an impoverished Indian community and the lengthy obstacle course which I was forced to successfully complete in order to break the shackles of poverty and arrive where I am today. In addition to my native India, I have also spent significant amounts of time studying and working with medical care communities in Cambodia and Grenada. Thus, I have added to my cosmopolitan outlook a decided compassion for the medically underserved, and it is my sincere hope that I will have the privilege to always have a share in bringing adequate, even outstanding, care to the medically underserved. I feel very strongly that I would be an asset to your family practice residency program as a result of my strident good cheer and profound dedication to my work. Thriving on long hours, the more problems I am able to solve and the more smiles that I bring to the faces of my colleagues and especially patients, the happier I am and the more fulfilled I feel.

My primary focus on both the centrality of primary care and patient diversity led me to Family Medicine. I especially enjoyed my senior electives in New York concerning divergent specialties of medicine, relishing the entire gambit: thus, feeling most attracted to what I see as the central, most fundamental aspect of medicine. I appreciate the harmony of Family Practice and the great diversity of functions and concerns that are faced. I find teamwork most fulfilling in this area. My Neurology rotation helped to pull into stark relief a vast array of at least potential challenges in a rather hectic outpatient setting. Since my first primary care elective in my third year, I have come a long way to solidifying what I see as the holistic foundation of fundamental care. I strive in many ways to emulate my role model Dr. XXXX, one of my referees. My other referees are also in Family Practice inclusive fields, Ob/Gyn and Pediatrics: rotations that I especially enjoyed. And I quite fondly remembered my experiences at Berwick preschool where children were literally crawling on me during playtime activities.

 My avid sports background further strengthens my candidacy. I have a well developed interest in sports injuries—and have suffered a number of them myself. I find sports metaphors to be of excellent service in explaining and especially animating the patient to recovery. I also deeply value the fact that I now have experience at American hospitals quite diverse in nature; Lincoln, an inner-city hospital, as compared to the suburban Sound Shore in Westchester Country. Perhaps it has been my opportunity to work with Dr. XXXX which is most salient among my professional experiences so far, particularly since he has consistently been voted one of NY’s top doctors. I seek to follow his model of patient advocacy with precision determination. Our family doctor during my childhood, Dr. XXXX, has also been a long time inspiration of noble service in trying times.

 Although I was well prepared for my step-two examination, I failed to adequately diagnose and treat myself, and I suffered from headaches and insomnia that I found out, only later, were largely the result of an undiagnosed astigmatism. Now I am super hard at work with unprecedented concentration on step three. I struggle to be all that I can, from captain of the football team to delivering 18 babies with 6 C-sections in one obstetrics shift alone. The nicest thing that has ever been said about me is that my laugh makes patients forget how they are suffering. My camaraderie with my colleagues is always paramount; and I look forward to having the privilege of meeting your team.

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