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Blog posts : "Medical Residency"

Pediatrics Residency Position in Canada, Saudi

When I was twelve years old, my life changed forever, for the better. I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and since that time I have found my cause in life, my professional reason for being.  My doctor told me that I could live a normal life but with one exception; that I would have to take shots…

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Oncology Residency, Chinese Applicant

I was an honors student in one of the finest medical schools in China, at the time that I watched one of my closest friends die of leukemia.  Observing her death before my eyes, gradually withering away, even after a bone marrow transplant, helped to trigger in me the burning desire to devote my lif…

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Internal Medicine, Nigerian Applicant

I am applying to enter the internal medicine residency program at ______________because I believe it provides the finest in multi-faceted practical training in internal medicine in order to provide patients the best care possible.  Although I have had a broad medical education and experience in my h…

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Pediatrics Residency, Developing World, Saudi

I was born in Seattle, Washington and spent my early years among the magnificent towering pine trees of the Pacific Northwest.  Seattle is the best of both worlds; a thriving metropolis surrounded by the natural beauty of green forests.

 I come from a family of academic achievers.  My father earne…

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Internal Medicine Residency, Nigerian

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, I have now come to think of myself as African-American, since I am now a naturalized citizen who has been in the USA for 15 years. At 38, I consider myself to be in my prime in every way and always take great care of my own physical strength and resources and that …

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Medical Residency Family Practice, Indian

Many of my life circumstances have motivated me to purse the especially rewarding field of Family Practice in medicine. Of central importance was growing up in an impoverished Indian community and the lengthy obstacle course which I was forced to successfully complete in order to break the shackles …

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Medical Residency Internal Medicine, Venezuela

A wise mentor once taught me the secret behind internal medicine’s role as a specialty within medicine. Its non-surgical key to being a diagnostic discipline lies in expert history-taking and skilled patient examination. Simple, but true; this observation by a compassionate doctor from my native cit…

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