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MBA Program Re-Application, Low GMAT

I am re-applying to the MBA Program at UXX because my application was rejected last year due to my low GMAT Score. I am applying again because I feel strongly that the improvement that I have made and continue to make will now enable me to do well in your program by the time that I begin next year, in the Fall of 2013. I am especially confident that this is the case because I left my position in Saudi Arabia and I am now devoting myself full time to English acquisition. Quite frankly, I find the mastery of GMAT score to be one of the greatest challenges that I have ever faced. Still, now that I am fully immersed in the idiom, I am making enormous, rapid progress because I now live in the USA where I am preparing to re-take the GMAT on December 15th 2012. Now, I am almost certain that I will obtain a score that will be acceptable according to the standards of your program. I am especially grateful to the Saudi Higher Education Ministry for sponsoring my studies.

I remember so clearly the night before leaving my family to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in the United Kingdom. My father said a few words to me that still drive and motivate me to succeed: “You are my hero.” Without his words of encouragement, I might not have become the man I am today – the first in my immediate and extended family to study in the UK, to be a university graduate and to become an engineer. Such words of encouragement gave me the confidence to do my very best.

Since returning to Saudi Arabia, after graduating from the University of Southampton with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, I have divided my time between working for the Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) and the development of my family’s expanding businesses. I have enjoyed my experience in the Engineering and Development Department at AEC as a System Engineer, where I earned a promotion after an exceptional year of performance and dedication. Before leaving the company, they offered me the position of Utility Management Sector leader, which would have involved the management of my own team and increasing my project responsibilities. While this position would have elevated me in my career path to Chief Engineer, I have decided that I want neither a lifelong career in utility management nor in engineering.

I have found my greatest joy and fulfillment in the management of our family businesses and this is why I want very much to earn the MBA Degree, so that I will be able to learn from the best, the faculty at UCI, who I see as working on the cutting edge of research in business development. I have particularly enjoyed working to enhance our family restaurant, the Lebanese Corner and I am very excited by the market opportunities that exist in Saudi Arabia for ethnic food. I also plan to have a larger and more strategic role in our family’s business, Radyolla Group, which started its business from the food industry market, real estate and construction sector, to establishing overseas partnership with Chinese Company XXXX to develop Dafeng Port (China) and overseas financing.  I was successful at opening our second restaurant with this name this past year and I gained a lot of hands-on experience in business development. I have learned enough to make me very excited about the prospect of a formal education in business.

Obtaining the MBA from the XXXX School of Business will provide me not only the option to reroute my journey from engineering to business operations, but also to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge in marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, and strategy to grow my family’s business successfully. I see UXX’s well-rounded core curriculum, including courses such as Business Dynamics, Entrepreneurship, and Supply Chain Management, as the optimal springboard upon which to launch myself on a new career in business management. I thank you for consideration of my application.

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