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Three of my siblings hold the degree of MBA, I am therefore more than usually well informed about the demands that an MBA program will make of me in terms of dedication and time and also of the enormous satisfaction that studying alongside equally ambitious and intelligent students will provide. I am also aware of the highly relevant skills and knowledge together with the useful international contacts that an excellent MBA program will provide to enable me to achieve my goals.

I am a manager with 10 years experience in the world of finance. I am ambitious in terms of position and income and my ultimate aim is to become the C.E.O. of the company for which I now work or one like it. My professional experience has given me an excellent practical grounding in business management and leadership which I now seek to enhance through formal academic study by joining a challenging but supportive program and by excelling within it.

Since my early teens, I have sought leadership and team building experience by captaining sports teams and in seeking and obtaining various offices in school and college clubs and societies.  Colleagues, friends and family are aware that I am ready to ‘take charge’ in difficult situations and to execute considered but decisive action.  I am a confident and effective communicator who understands that listening is as important as talking and who is sensitive to non-verbal signals from others.

I enjoy meeting new challenges and derive enormous satisfaction from seeing my subordinates rise to challenges that I have set but which they suspected were beyond them. I have considerable experience in exercising delegation and in building effective teams and I am always thrilled by the fact that an excellent team becomes much more than the ‘sum of its individual parts’.

I appreciate that today’s business world is both highly complex and subject to constant change. I know that today’s business leaders require the kind of exposure to the most current business theories, technological innovations and the sharing of experiences that the program will provide.

I have very carefully considered the available programs and my choice of Liverpool arises because of the emphasis on managerial development and current technology, the breadth of the available study modules, the program’s reputation and the opportunity to undertake a real-life consultancy project within the program. It is my intention to continue my work while studying and am keenly anticipating being able to integrate the new skills and knowledge that I shall acquire into my day to day work and to sharing my experiences with others doing the same.

I am widely travelled having visited several European and Asian countries for both business and pleasure. I was fortunate to be selected for secondment to the Deutsche Bank in London for a time which was an enormously interesting and valuable experience. I have always taken a close interest in the business environment of the countries I have visited and have been surprised to learn that even a conversation with a waiter or taxi driver can provide useful insights into local business cultures.

I know that the program will attract many, well qualified applicants. However I do consider myself to be an outstanding candidate. I will ‘add value’ to my class by providing useful insights from a successful business career gained in a nation with which much international business is transacted. Not least, I am passionate about acquiring the skills and knowledge to lead a business in the exciting, challenging and ever changing business environment and so to contribute to the prosperity and well being of all.

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