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MBA Degree Engineering Background, Iran

I am a diligent ambitious man who is profoundly dedicated to my work. I see the business world as the primary motor of human progress, social advancement, and especially economic development. I feel strongly that I have the right levels of experience and motivation to excel in your program, and later to build up my own international and socially responsible company with the tools that I will acquire at UXX. Born and raised in Iran, I look forward to contributing to the international diversity of your program sharing and learning from your program’s diverse cultural composition as well as from coursework. With my background in electrical engineering, I have advanced math and analytical skills, a refined aptitude for design, and intricate, complex calculation.

 I am especially keen to study towards and earn the MBA Degree because I want to develop state-of-the-art skills in management and finance, acquiring the tools that I need to build my own enterprise. I am especially interested in doing research in the area of international business since it is my aspiration to develop my own international enterprise building upon my work experience throughout Asia and Europe coupled with the enormously powerful theoretical and practical platform that I will gain as a student at Hult.  I have also been laboring mightily to enhance my linguistic skills so as to heighten my effectiveness as a future leader in the world of international business; in addition to being a native speaker of Persian and fully fluent in English, I have achieved an intermediate level in French and basic competence in German. I have many years of experience in management, with a strong background in both Asia and Europe. Furthermore, I have developed a very refined sense of social and corporate responsibility and especially look forward to studying these aspects of international business in your program, the ethical and human sides of the profitable return.

 My four years of financial work experience with the XXXX Company helped me to acquire an advanced understanding of the instruments and methodologies of financial affairs and the challenging environment of corporate management and finance. During my three years with the XXXX Company, I had to face many difficult hurdles requiring a great deal of creativity in the design and supervision of electrical engineering projects. With the XXXX Company, I was promoted to a variety of management positions, working with top managers and finance consultants from around the world: Italy, Germany, and China, to name a few. During that period, I also did volunteer work in the promotion of greater global awareness of the need for social responsibility on the part of investors.

Most recently, I have been further refining my understanding of our global community through association with professionals from around the world, vastly improving my language ability in French, and taking courses at the Nice Sophia Antipolis University, studying the host of factors that affect the competitive performance of European businesses. I have visited and studied small businesses in several different European countries in a search for novel, creative ideas and paradigms. I am confident that my unique blend of experiences provides me with an excellent background for study in your world class program as we struggle together in the construction of a new international order that, in Obama’s words, “bends the arc of history in the direction of justice.” 

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