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MBA Online, Healthcare Administration

I hope to attain a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare from XXXX University because I very much admire the reputation of your university in the area of global health. I have spent almost my entire life in El Paso, Texas, right across the Rio Grande River from Ciudad Juarez. As a result primarily of drug trafficking, by many indicators, this is the most violent city in the world. Despite the fact that I am of Mexican origin and speak Spanish fluently, in addition to reading and writing, I have not yet gotten to know Mexico well and I look forward to a full immersion in nursing issues with respect to Mexico in particular, in addition to the Developing World in general.

At this stage of my life, I want very much to recover the Mexican part of my identity, and to take full advantage of my Spanish, using it professionally in the service of those who are most vulnerable, in my case, across the river in Ciudad Juarez. I am particularly interested in the health of pregnant mothers and working to lower infant mortality rates which are very high in Ciudad Juarez. I see XXU as the best place for me to study so as to learn how to best practice global health as a professional administrator working to bridge the many gaps that exist in health care on different sides of the border. After completing my MBA at XXU, I hope to return to the El Paso area fully equipped to launch this new phase of my professional life in Spanish, and in Mexico.

Earlier in my career, I volunteered as a parish nurse for a local Lutheran church and assisted in blood drives and health fairs. As my children entered school, I would also volunteer in school, sports and extracurricular activities. I have worked in various areas of nursing care including Step down neonatal intensive care, AIDS patients, and general, plastic, reconstructive, gynecological and orthopedic surgery. Presently, I am the Director of Nursing for an Ophthalmic Surgery Center and continue to work part time in a surgical setting at a local hospital.

Your Healthcare Administration Program is my first choice for graduate school because for me XXU is synonymous with the study of global health. I want very much to study towards my Master’s Degree not only online, but at the flagship university on the cutting edge of putting healthcare into global perspective. I am convinced that your program at XXU is the best fit for me to proceed and to put to use my twenty five years of nursing experience in giving my all to your program. I intend to excel because I want to learn everything that I can, especially about the nursing care of children in developing countries. I am especially excited about using my MBA from XXU as a bilingual professional.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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