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MBA Online, Healthcare Administration

I hope to attain a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare from XXXX University because I very much admire the reputation of your university in the area of global health. I have spent almost my entire life in El Paso, Texas, right across the Rio Grande River from Ciudad Ju…

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MBA in Health Care Administration, Hispanic

My first several years of school were at an American military base in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. My father was a Cold War spy. And while I share his patriotism, and the Mormon faith of both my parents; my mother, who is from Mexico, has been the most influential in terms of my emotional and inte…

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MBA Health Care Management, African

I was born in Sikasso, a small town located in the southern part of Mali, in 1981. We are a poor, small, landlocked country in West Africa and our principal activities are agriculture and cattle farming. One of the privileged few given the opportunity for an education at the Lycee Monseigneur Demont…

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