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LLM Degree, Banking and Finance

I would best describe myself as an idealist who passionately believes that the law makes it possible for business to operate in an ethical manner that will transform each of us into global citizens. My conscience tells me that it is possible for us to move away from a conception of a shareholder society by learning to embrace the idea of a stakeholder society. Particularly in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, it has become very important for business to be regulated in such a way that  people are encouraged to participate in the knowledge that any benefits will be distributed in as equitable a manner as possible. I am thus motivated by the sense that the market is an important mechanism that obliges people to come together and learn how to negotiate and further their common interests. In my way of thinking, the generation of wealth can be the driver of progress that will lift people out of poverty, so long as it works hand in glove with the law, to ensure all parties concerned abide by honorable contractual agreements. I have dream in which we all live in a truly cosmopolitan world, where commercial law will be the key to bringing countries together by promoting a progressive version of globalization.

 But I also know that reform is necessary because of my life's journey: I was born and raised in Milan, Italy, and have sadly become familiar with the all too common scenario where nepotism rather than talent is rewarded. I am the first to admit that this is a problem that afflicts my country as a whole. All too often, I have seen cases where family ties have secured preferential treatment, but I am hardly alone in drawing attention to this problem. Entire newspaper columns have commonly lamented this fact as well, which they see as the cause of the brain drain of talented young Italians. 

 Although I am saddened by this widespread amoral familialism, experience has also taught me that another world is possible. If I am admitted to your program, I intend to use the intensive training and knowledge I will receive to "think globally, act locally", by establishing my own legal practice in Italy and pushing for reforms in the regulation of business. I have already had an opportunity to demonstrate my aptitude for study by graduating with a J.D. in Law from the University of XXXX. My dissertation on "Non-pecuniary Damage" was awarded a score of 108/110.

 Following my successful completion of the Italian Bar Exam course at the University of XXXX, I have accumulated three years of practical experience at Studio Legale under the mentorship of XXXX XXXX. Acting in this capacity, I have helped negotiate out-of-court settlements between insolvent companies, distressed creditors, and administrators. This experience has allowed me to witness the human side of financial irregularities—as did my previous voluntary work as a family counselor-- and served to reinforce my commitment to the idea that commercial law is an instrument of global justice. Indeed, I have been fortunate in been allowed to exercise a lot of personal initiative in regard to mediating between the respective parties of arbitration proceedings in an international context involving litigation to the value of (EURO) 12. 000,000.00. In addition to my conducting of extensive research and preparation of legal memoranda relating to corporate regulatory compliance, I have drafted several appeals to the Supreme Court and assisted with tax litigation.

 Because I regard law as my vocation, rather than a mere profession, I have sought to demonstrate my ethical commitment to collegiality through my membership of the European Law Students' Association. Hence, I was a featured speaker at the annual conference of the ELSA in 2009 and 2010. In lodging this application, I am particularly interested in extending the affiliations between this body and their American equivalents, so I look forward with keen anticipation to using my studies with you as a base to network and further consolidate cultural exchange and understanding between present and future legal practitioners. Community is very important to me. Therefore, my inclusive, consultative style in all of my interpersonal dealings makes me confident that I would be willing to adapt to change as required and contribute in the greater interest in whatever way I could throughout the course of my studies.

 By enrolling in your LL.M in Banking and Finance I know I would graduate better equipped to help implement transparency, security and stability in the world of finance. I believe that each of us stands to benefit, rather than allowing investment banking to be governed by the speculations of a few influential individuals alone. Thank you for considering my application.   

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