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LLM, Masters Degree UK, Business Law, Arab

As a young Arab woman from Africa, I have had to struggle and work really hard my whole life to become fully recognized as a professional and a human being in a cruel, male-dominated world and work environment. The injustices against women in society are one of the primary reasons why I chose to build a career in the field of Law, to struggling to carve out space for all women. Now, at 26, with an LLM Degree from my native Libya, I feel that I have the confidence and maturity to excel in your program.

 I was educated in the public school system and did not even have the opportunity to learn English until I was 16 years old, but I have struggled mightily with the language and have mastered it to the extent to which I feel comfortable pursuing a graduate degree and working professionally in this Language. I am also fluent in French and look forward to using this language in the defense of human rights in Africa as well. In addition to my LLM Degree and my already extensive work experience in business, I am pursuing my human rights advocacy certificate so that I can fully participate in the struggle for greater justice for all members of my society, especially women.

 I feel very strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to facilitate greater levels of economic exchange between Libya and the rest of the world,  easing political tensions through the promotion of expanding economic and cultural interchange. I am a cosmopolitan woman and well traveled, having visited, in addition to other Arab countries, most of the countries of Europe, Thailand, and even Brazil. I also lived for a year and a half in Ukraine where i conducted studies on eastern European culture. My primary concern, however, is the greater development of my beloved Africa and I feel strongly that my multicultural experiences, combined with my experience in the business world, have provided me with a solid foundation for further advanced study in the field of international business law, so that I will be able to assume increasingly important positions in helping Africa to overcome her backwardness, isolation, and grueling poverty.

 Working for one of the world´s largest corporations—XXXX Petroleum—as a legal trainee has also helped prepare me to excel in your program. The day that my boss assigned me, the youngest person in my department, a legal case to handle on my very own, I truly felt that I had come of age. I feel like a new chapter in my life is unfolding before my eyes as I work on this case, delving into intense legal research, brainstorming, looking at all the angles. I keenly enjoy the challenge and responsibility. I finally feel personally victorious over the ugly stereotype in which Libyans often tend to be cast as lacking the ability to work efficiently as a result of their underdeveloped intellects or limited educational preparation. Despite the fact that the Libyan economy has now opened its doors wide to foreign investment and there has been a resumption of most bilateral relationships, there is still considerable debate going on among Libyan intellectuals and power brokers concerning what degree of penetration foreign companies should be allowed in our country. Participation in your program will help me to attain the intellectual tools and credentials required to play increasingly important roles in bringing Libya into the mainstream of nations, developing increasingly productive and harmonious relationships with all. I thank you for considering my application.

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