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LLM, Human Rights, Immigrant Advocacy

My studies of law and recent experience in community work have fired a desire to expand my knowledge at a master level. I hold a B.A. degree in law from a University in the Dominican Republic and a B.A. in International Criminal Justice ‘summa cum laude’ awarded by John Jay College. My goal is to provide expert assistance in the area of human rights and especially in immigrant advocacy in a non-profit organization setting. Pursuing a LLM degree will furnish the foundation I need to achieve this goal.

I held positions in the Dominican Republic in which I was able to apply my legal knowledge and, since arriving in the US, I have used my spare time to advance my knowledge of US law especially in the areas of political engagement of immigrant communities and in the area of immigrant advocacy by voluntary involvement in these areas of work.

I have been undertaking voluntary work for the XXXX Educational Fund, an organization that facilitates the full participation of members of the Latino community in the US political process which is a matter that has interested me since my teens when I twice acted as Voting Secretary at a polling center in the Dominican Republic. I also volunteer with the City University of New York’s initiative called ‘Citizenship Now!’ which assists eligible immigrants to submit their naturalization paperwork. I have found my duties both interesting and deeply satisfying.

More experts in this area are clearly needed. While volunteering, I have witnessed the strengths and shortcomings of the initiative and I have gained an understanding of the aspects that need to be improved and increased. Non-profit community based work offers an invaluable opportunity to empower immigrants because workers gain the trust of the clients offering empathy and accessibility. In the future I hope to work with this type of organization providing expert, comprehensive and accurate advice to assist clients in their efforts to acquire social and civic rights. I believe that the program will equip me with the right tools and resources to do so. I also wish to set a positive example of civic involvement, professional and personal realization to inspire other immigrants.

After a thorough consideration of all available LLM programs, I have been particularly attracted to XXXX University because of its excellent general introduction to Common Law and the US legal system and the opportunity to choose the courses that exactly matches my academic and professional goals. The university’s ideal location will allow me to continue to provide useful voluntary assistance in my areas of human and immigration rights and to network within my target community. Moreover, I am inclined towards your institution because of its prestige and its leading role in the advancement of human rights.

During the program, I hope to be involved in research projects particularly in areas of immigration law, and I also want to gain further experience through work in a human rights clinic.  I am sure that my diligence and determined attitude will enable me to provide useful input. I am aware that cultural awareness and sensitivity is particularly important in the provision of legal advice, especially in my areas of interest. Being myself an immigrant, I readily empathize with those adjusting to a new culture and the challenges that this carries. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many different ethnicities and look forward to extending this experience within the program. My fluency in Spanish and English, along with my intermediate knowledge of French and Italian, will help me to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. I enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing knowledge of my own. I am not widely traveled but I have studied in New York and traveled to Italy as part of a Study Abroad program which has broadened my perspective of the world and taught me that despite our cultural differences, humans share an inalienable right to equality and this is worth fighting for.

 I know that the program will attract many well qualified applicants but I genuinely consider myself to be an excellent candidate. I hold two degrees in relevant subjects with a high GPA score and academic awards; I have demonstrated a commitment to further studies and a future in the law by my voluntary work and informal studies undertaken recently; the law genuinely fascinates me and I can therefore promise full and enthusiastic participation in the program. My passion for human rights and immigrant advocacy provide the drive that will enable me to excel in this program.  

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