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LLM Masters International Law, European

I have grown up in a family of judges and lawyers and I am certain that his has a great deal to do with the reason why I have chosen to study law as well. I have listened to intense discussions of the law at breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day as long as I can remember and I trust that this has helped to prepare me for absorbing what I will hear in law school and putting it to good work as I build my own career. Nevertheless, we are Italian and my family only discusses Italian law. For my part, I hope to distinguish myself in the area of international law: thus, I want to study in English.

 I am a very highly motivated woman and serious for only 24. I have had the dream of practicing law ever since I was a child, but it is different from the Italian law of my home. I thrive on international accord and solidarity based on the rule of international law among Nations. My ultimate long term dream would be to be employed by the United Nations or to become diplomatic staff. As with many of Italy’s best, I do not want to live in Italy.

 I will be graduating from the XXXX University (Law Faculty) in Naples this coming February of 2011. I have a well developed passion in administrative law, international public law, and criminal law. My father is a civil lawyer and often I work with him, I go to the court with him and when we come back to his law firm I study theory about what I have seen in practice. I have traveled through the UK, Spain, Germany, France, and Mexico, but I am especially fond of New York and would like to study there at some point, perhaps in a doctoral program down the road.

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