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Blog posts : "Information Systems Masters"

Masters, Information Systems, Chinese

A young woman in China who is very much in love with the USA, I hope very much to compliment my undergraduate education in America with a graduate education at XXXX University in Boston. Among all of my many favourite places in America, downtown Boston stands head and shoulders above the rest becaus…

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Master's Degree in Data Base Management

I am an organized person. I am the one friends come to for advice on how to organize, say, moving house or a class reunion. I have a natural ability to recognize the necessary steps, records, resources and potential pitfalls in a situation to see everything through to a successful conclusion. Ever…

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Masters Information Systems, Palestinian

I am a 25 year old man from Palestine who wants very much to help his people develop, economically, politically, in every way. This is why I have dedicated my life to doing what I can to help us develop communication and information systems in Palestine.

Since I was a toddler, I was fascinated by m…

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