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HR Masters, African American

I am a man of African-American heritage and this has helped me to understand the importance of the way in which very employee of any company is bound to have some interaction with a Human Resources department and will be vaguely aware that the department provides useful, indeed vital, functions within their company. My interest in Human Resources might have remained at that level except that it was necessary for me, as a Compliance Specialist, to interact closely with my HR department in, for instance, composing employee regulations.

 I became increasingly interested in the role of HR and it became clear to me that HR departments provide more than a merely useful function but have a direct impact on the success, or otherwise, of a company and that its role is absolutely pivotal.  I wanted to take a part in that ‘make or break’ role within enterprises and, when the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to be involved. Since May 2008, I have been a HR Assistant-Generalist and my interest has since developed into a passion for my subject.

 After 5 years experience within HR departments, I have acquired a broad understanding of HR’s role and how it functions within a company. In my most recent role, I have successfully implemented a leadership development program and have assisted in reducing liability and legal exposure by providing counsel and training to managers.  My HR experience has provided me with a solid foundation on which to build. I also feel that my experience of working in departments other than HR provides me with an additional and useful perspective that some HR professionals may lack.

 I believe that my ‘non-HR’ experience has not only provided me with useful insights from the ‘outside’ but is also otherwise relevant to my application in that it has provided me with skills that are directly applicable to a successful HR department, especially my knowledge of data management which will enable me, for instance, to create and evaluate HR programs.

 My professional background, personal heritage and fairly wide recreational travelling within the Americas have provided me with a cultural awareness and sensitivity that is clearly vital in this field. It is my hope that success in the program will lead to an executive role in HR assisting in the formulation of HR strategies, and, ultimately, to a role as HR director within a major corporation aligning HR policies to overall corporate philosophy and strategy. I am especially interested in undertaking research in the areas of organizational reward systems and their impact on organizational and employee productivity.

 I am aware that the Master’s program at XXXX will attract many well-qualified applicants but feel strongly that I can offer particularly useful insights from my personal and professional background together with highly relevant, broad and significant practical experience within HR. Most importantly, I bring a passion for my subject. I feel sure that I can ‘add value’ to my class and to the academic community if given the opportunity to join the Master’s program.

 Thank you for considering my application.

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