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Blog posts : "Health Administration Masters"

MS Healthcare Management, Homeopathic Doctor

I am a homeopathic physician from India who is building a new home here in America. Over the course of the last several years, I have found myself increasingly attracted to the business aspects of health care, issues of access and efficiency, and how to make health care more affordable as well as mo…

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Masters Health Administration, Nigerian Doctor

I am a 28 year old man from Nigeria, a doctor, and I am currently serving as the Director of promoting medical outreach. I am confident that your program at XXXX University is the optimal Master’s program for preparing for a career in Health Administration. I want to contribute towards …

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MS HCA, Biology Major, Indian-American

I have long known that I wanted to be involved in health care because Biology was always my favorite subject in school, the classes in which I most excelled. Biology has always had purpose for me precisely because of health care, unlocking the mysteries of life in order to be able to prolong it, to…

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MS Degree in Health Care Administration

My professional interests, dreams, and aspirations are a perfect fit with the principal focus of your distinguished online program. I have found no other program that compares with the rigors of your MS Program in Health Care Administration at XXU. I feel strongly that completing your program will …

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Master’s Health Administration Canada, Nigerian

I am an experienced microbiologist and hold bachelor and Master’s degrees in Microbiology. My present goals are to join the MHA degree program and, once qualified, to take up a senior role in government service or within an NGO initially in Canada and ultimately in Africa. My overall goal is to mak…

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MBA/HCA Health Care Administration, Brazilian

I am a nurse from Brazil and I am now 29; I live in Beachwood, Ohio. I finished my education in Brazil in June of 2006; in March of 2007, I began working as a Registered Nurse. Also, in January of 2011, after finishing my Master of Science in Nursing (2 years) in Brazil, I began working as our equi…

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Masters Degree in Health Administration, Libya

I am a young man from Libya who is very dedicated to study of hospital administration. I have come to live in the United States primarily in order to advance my education. I feel very strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to devote my life to the im…

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