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Global Executive MBA, Canada, Pakistan

I am applying to your world-class executive MBA program because I am convinced that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to create circumstances where not only I can help the less fortunate but also influence my peers to work towards a better business environment which serves a more ethical and meaningful purpose. I am a Pakistani man who looks towards the development of global economic ties as the principal solution to solving so many problems facing the world today, especially for my native country.

 I am a networking professional who sees the Internet as fundamental to progress in building business ties and making our global economy work more effectively. I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of International Business. My two main career objectives are to be the CEO of my own company and to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate people. These objectives are interlinked as being in such a position will make it easier for me to make a major impact in the lives of such people.

 Perhaps my greatest strength and virtue is my compassion, and the fact that I am a very hard worker. I have been very busy this year not only preparing myself for your program but also working as a volunteer here in Canada raising survival supplies for flood victims in Pakistan. Our operations were based in Toronto. I especially love using the media to inspire and urge other individuals to help in any way that they can.

 I have diversified work experience, mostly working to increase the market share of our well-established family company and generate considerable profits in marketing sphere. I am highly motivated and very adaptable. I have traveled a great deal, having spent significant periods of time in  Austria, England, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, as well as visiting many states in the US. The places that I know best however and consider to be home are Kuwait, Canada, and my native Pakistan. Most of my travels have been business trips, meeting clients, and increasing our exposure in new markets, gaining knowledge about business practices.

 After careful deliberations, I have decided to apply to the University of XXXX’s School of Business because of its well integrated and extremely creative curriculum which will serve as as an important ladder in my professional career. I want to be a success story and not just admire people who have done it before me but be a part of history. I want to be a business innovator and start my own international company.

 My experience in the business world thus far has taught me a lot about how to make effective business decisions at the right time for the right reasons. My native Pakistan faces so many critical problems in its development and attaining the MBA at XXXX will enable me to help my people move into the 21st century and enjoy a greater participation in the global economy. I deeply appreciate your attention to my application.

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