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My goal in life is to make a positive difference in people’s lives and I seek to do so by applying my nursing experience while enjoying a satisfying and rewarding career which will provide both variety and autonomy. I am convinced that the FNP role will meet my requirements and maximize my ability to make a beneficial difference in the world. My long term goal is to share my experience, skills and knowledge with a new generation of nurses in my home country of Cameroon.

Although my childhood ambition to be a nurse, this faded as my life proceeded and I decided to study journalism. However, after some time, it occurred to me that the world could manage with one less journalist but would certainly benefit from one more dedicated nurse. Soon after I made this decision, a close relative was diagnosed with breast cancer and I helped to care for her during her illness, I found this to be a very rewarding experience which exposed me to a hospital environment on almost a daily basis. I then worked as a volunteer in a hospital in the mother and baby unit and the chemotherapy department. This gave me a basic insight into the role of the nurse and totally confirmed me in my vocation. I have also worked as a volunteer with underprivileged families with my church ‘outreach’ group and learned much about their problems and needs.

Once into my nursing training, I realized that many of the skills that I had learned in my journalism training were directly applicable to my calling as a nurse. I had been trained in communication, the art of listening, sensitivity to non-verbal signals and of accurate and concise reporting both verbally and in writing. Nursing an outlet for the full application of all these skills

Since qualifying I have acquired experience in home nursing health administration, acute care nursing and pediatric nursing. I have also sought to broaden my skills and knowledge in various ways such as obtaining membership of both the ANA and AACN bodies and pursuing CE credits in various areas of study. I have also undertaken substantial informal study into EBP and other current nursing theories and techniques.

I have carefully researched the FNP role and am confident that I can succeed within it. In my work I have been required to demonstrate many of the skills and traits called for: independence, self-reliance, an analytical approach, an empathy with patients of all types and ages and an ability to work calmly under pressure. I have also undertaken an occasional leadership role during my career such as supervising nurses’ aides or mentoring junior staff. I understand that not every nurse is capable of accepting the responsibility that comes with the autonomy and independence of the FNP role but I believe that I have demonstrated the potential to do so.

As an immigrant, I am especially aware of the need to be culturally sensitive. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many social and cultural backgrounds since coming to the US. I love to learn about unfamiliar cultures and to

I have carefully considered the programs available to me and conclude that your own is the ‘best fit’. I seek a challenging, rigorous yet supportive learning environment which I am confident that you will provide. I am familiar with the program curriculum which matches the skills and knowledge that I seek to acquire and am especially drawn by its emphasis on innovation in approach, preventative health education and the practical training that is included.

 I know that the program will attract many well qualified applicants. However I do consider myself to be an excellent candidate. I am an experienced nurse who has the characteristics necessary to succeed in the FNP role, I have a passionate desire to maximize my utility in the world of nursing and, ultimately, to pass on my experience, skills and knowledge to a new generation of African nurses. I promise enthusiastic participation in the program and a commitment to excel. 

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