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MS Financial Engineering, China

What began as an  outlet for my nurturing, compassionate nature and reaction to my disappointment with pure research, nursing and the assorted challenges that nurse anesthesia would and indeed did bring has proven what I feel I have always known.  My heart, acumen and sensibilities are exactly where they have always been, with physics, mathematics, and statistics. 

 While nurse anesthesia utilizes all of these areas, data analysis, assessment, planning, analytic and advanced problem solving, and brings about positive outcomes for patients, the work does not bring me the same levels of personal and professional satisfaction.  I have simply been away from my true calling, and honestly have no regrets for my exploration into nursing and nurse anesthesia, as it has proven a great deal to me.  Indeed, the academic and professional background coupled with superior communication skills that I now possess will be highly applicable and make me more dynamic and well rounded in terms of my ability to make constructive contributions to the field of Financial Engineering.

 There are many parallels between the professional interactions I have been involved with in multidisciplinary medical teams and those in professional financial areas.  Moreover, nurse anesthesia requires an intense direct-client relationship, not unlike professional client-provider relationships in financial firms.  In the most practical terms, nurse anesthesia immersed me in advanced analytical problem solving situations, work which forced me to think on my feet, quickly and produce accurate, literally error-free results oftentimes immediately.  Superior leadership skills are a requisite for any nurse anesthesiologist.  This ability to lead also brings with it the requirement to understand what needs to be done, coordinate effectively, to practice - confidently - critical judgment as a part of daily practice.  Leadership speaks of inspiring a spirit of teamwork, the bringing together of the skills and strengths of your team for the optimum care of the patient and I feel I have an excellent grasp of the leadership task. 

 I completely embrace the fact that there is more than one leadership method, that there is ample room for improvement in my own style and what better place to learn such lessons than in the classroom, where the consequences of “failure” do not translate into millions of dollars lost.  It is in the classroom where our missteps can be turned into learning experiences, and in study time, we can reflect on our interactions, integrating them into our own distinctive path.

 In addition to professional communication skills, I have learned the best paths for serving my patients, my clients, and how to prioritize tasks within a high pressure, deadline oriented environment.  The level of confidence in my ability, skills and knowledge I have developed and proven in literally life-death situations will translate perfectly to my work in Financial Engineering.  Furthermore, nursing and Financial Engineering will bring me what I have always wanted from my career, which is lifetime learning.  In nursing, we had to not only learn how to work equally well in team situations or autonomously, interchangeably, but also to learn new skills, techniques and technologies, oftentimes “on the fly”, as they say, and implement our new knowledge quickly, consistently and, frankly, constantly.

 There is a distinct and growing need for qualified and quality Financial Engineers, people who are literally the vanguard for bringing about sustainable economic change, and leading us out of recession into recovery and to a brighter future.  Post-graduation, and upon building my exposure in the field, as a Financial Engineer, I envision reducing financial risks and increasing rates of return for investors, and the various stakeholders.  We have learned a great deal from the global recession and I am eager to be a part of the restoration effort.

 I bring with me to the graduate Financial Engineering program and the student body a solid and highly decorated academic foundation in Physics earned in China’s most prestigious university.  Proof of my ability to excel in the Financial Engineering program is evident from my having earned numerous academic accolades, scholarships as well as consistently perfect GPAs at the graduate level.  What is more, I am highly accomplished in advanced mathematics and in the use of information technology for a variety of purposes.  Observational skills are the principal way the nurse anesthetist gathers valuable information.  Being able to articulate what is observed is of equal importance as well.  This is where the ability to analyze your work, be it in terms of successful practice or failure, coincides with observational skills.  With the ability to analyze your work, your job performance, comes learning, higher understanding and development.

 Coming from Beijing, I had a worldview that was quite different from my American peers.  I do not mention this simply to increase the diversity of the student body.  Since coming to America, living, working and being educated in the American system, I have developed an ability to interact effectively with not only my fellow Americans, but since having experienced life as an immigrant, I feel particularly sensitive to the needs of many minorities; combined with this is my ability to speak two languages fluently.  There is a need to reach out to our diverse clients, to understand and appreciate our differences, be it cultural or socioeconomic, an appreciation of the rich tapestry of life that we are all a part of on earth.  A financial professional needs to be able to interact effectively with people of differing cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and creeds.  This is critically important given the multinational nature of the global business world.

 The graduate Financial Engineering program will allow me to further refine my existing foundation in creating representative scenarios for describing situations that are likely to be met by Financial Engineers.  Furthermore, the program will enable me to develop specific abilities to analyze, acknowledging the proper practices, specific knowledge, scope of work, definitions, skills, judgment, and attitude requirements of the effective Financial Engineer as well as clearly differentiate and utilize appropriately such methods of analysis as situational and functional analysis.

 I look forward to my future in Financial Engineering, and feel as if I am returning home.  The path has truly enriched my development and abilities and I am eager to share my unique views, ways of analyzing situations and give of myself to the student body and academic program.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.


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