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MA English Language & Literature, Saudi Woman

I am a young woman from Saudi Arabia who has always adored English language and literature. I hope to be admitted to your distinguished program so that I can devote myself entirely to English literature; spending the rest of my life working to help foster understanding and appreciation of English in my country.

I am a faculty member at XXXX University, where I completed my Bachelors Degree in English Literature in 2008. Translated literally from the Arabic, my job title is “Demonstrator” of English Literature. And this speaks to my teaching philosophy, that language must be acted out, seen as well as heard, in order for it to sink in.

Completing your program would vastly strengthen my critical interpretation skills because your focus is so thorough, with an in-depth immersion in the interpretation of British as well as American literature. From my position as a non-English person, someone from another world, I hope to capitalize on my detached perspective to better understand historical relations between British and American English, the way that these two bodies of literature have influenced each other. Most of all, I crave the joy of being recognized as an authority in the area of comparative English literature in my own country and I feel strongly that your program is uniquely suited to empower me to fulfill my professional dreams.

Completing your distinguished program would also lay the foundation for me to study towards the Ph.D. I love XXXX University and would like to return here at some point in the future.  I want to be the first Saudi woman with a doctoral degree in the Department of English Literature.  Perhaps the greatest goal to which I might be able to aspire at that point, would be to someday become Dean of our College of Arts and Sciences. What is most important to me is that I have the privilege of serving as a role model for those who are interested in my field of study. I especially look forward to very active collaboration with the Ash-Shura (Consultative) Council with respect to matters of education and writing for the English language Saudi Gazette. Perhaps my most valuable professional experience that I have had to date has been my volunteer work at the Middle East Newspaper, translating educational articles from the Washington Post, the New York Times, and The Guardian.

I have my heart set on attending XXXX University for several reasons, foremost among which is my profound respect for the publication record of your faculty. I am also attracted to the beauty of your campus, its history, and the general tranquility of the surrounding area. I also want to attend a large university such as yours, because I so very much look forward to also learning from my fellow graduate students from all over the world. 

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