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MA Degree in Educational Technology, Saudi

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and came to Montreal with my husband in 2008. I am 26 years old and have studied my whole life to become a teacher. I love technology and especially enjoy combining technology with education, which is why I am applying to study towards the Masters Degree in your highly esteemed program.

 I am especially looking forward to doing research in the areas of educational methods and how to improve them. My long term goal is to attain the PHD Degree and become a university professor. Most importantly, I am a very dedicated researcher; this is my central passion and my greatest strength, my dedication to hard work and my academic curiosity. Our system of education needs a lot of improvement in Saudi Arabia and I look forward to being at the forefront of educational reforms in the future. At the moment, I am keenly looking forward to learning everything that I can at XXU, especially about methodology, theory, and technological advancements on the forefront of educational pedagogy and practice.

 I am a well read and well traveled global citizen who has spent significant periods of time in many countries in addition to Canada, including the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, France, the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, and Egypt. These experiences have helped to make me a more cosmopolitan woman who is now well versed in Western culture.

 This degree will enable me to achieve my goals since I want to teach in an academic institution and to become as capable and effective teacher as possible as well as an educational  consultant in the future. I want to facilitate learning and improve performance by using the most advanced and progressive processes and resources. I hope to teach in the university where I studied in Saudi Arabia and to contribute in the future to vastly improving education, in other Saudi Arabian universities as well.

 In Saudi Arabia, we are lagging behind the West in our use of Internet applications in the classroom and I especially look forward to focusing my energies on this challenge. I have thoroughly investigated many programs and XXU is a very well known institution worldwide. I feel happy and proud to have the chance to apply here, especially since I have already been studying as an independent student at XXU in the School of Extended Learning at the Center for Continuing Education. I enjoy studying at XXU enormously and I sincerely hope to be accepted to your program so that I can earn my Master’s Degree here. I have also become so very fond of Montreal, especially because it is such a multicultural and multilingual city. I am working very hard at improving my French.

 I am a very dedicated student and a very hard worker. I assure you that I will give my all to your program and I want to thank you very much for considering my application to your program.

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