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Master’s Degree in Economics, Saudi Arabian

I am a young man from Saudi Arabia who has a natural affinity with the study of economics. I am concerned that the field of economics is not given sufficient weight or importance in the Saudi academic world and I would like to work to change this by teaching the subject in Saudi Arabia in the future…

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Master's Degree Economics , Indian Applicant

I have dreamed for many years of becoming a professional economist. This is why I completed my undergraduate studies in my native India in the areas of economics and mathematics. As someone who very much loves to study the ways in which we must all struggle together for economic development, and as …

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MPhil Economics, Microeconomics, India

It wasn’t exactly like a lightening bolt, but something drastically changed my outlook on life and my vocational orientation. After four rigorous years of intense training in one of the toughest electrical engineering colleges in India, I underwent a type of vocational conversion experience. Attendi…

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