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Dr Robert Edinger with Son David

Masters Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA, Multicultural

For the past six years, I have been preparing for the opportunity and challenge of UXX’s graduate Nurse Anesthesiology program.  My motivations go well beyond simply a higher bar to leap, or personal gain, fueled by a passion for delivering compassionate care, particularly in emerging nations, places where charity and governmental subsidies simply do not reach.  Moreover, if aid comes, too often it barely scratches the surface of need.  It is to these people, the poor, the sick and the needy, particularly those I have seen and aided in my frequent trips to Mexico. To them, I dedicate my scholastic endeavors, career, and energy; at all costs.

Earning my CRNA will enable me to bring my goals, indeed, my dreams to fruition, namely laying a solid foundation from which to, upon building my exposure in the field, complete my Ph.D.  More specifically, I anticipate a program in which I can increase my depth of understanding of pain management with ICU patients, particularly concerning vented versus non-vented patients.  The ideal would be to eventually become a professor in a quality nursing school, serving others as I have been served, helping to fill the need in the nursing industry, developing, and encouraging burgeoning medical professionals, while simultaneously using my position, experience and acumen to expand free, holistic healthcare services in emerging nations through non-profit groups.

I bring with me to the CRNA program, not only my BSN and professional exposure, but also volunteer experiences through XXXX International.  Working in surgical camps in developing nations has impressed upon me the need for education, and knowledge as well as the ability to share knowledge gained in the field and the classroom. 

 UXX emphasizes the importance of a multicultural student body.  While I was born and raised in Texas, I have traveled frequently to Mexico for my volunteer medical exposure as well as Italy where I studied Psychology.  These experiences have changed my worldview forever, and given me the ability to communicate effectively with people of differing backgrounds, cultures and creeds.  Even more importantly, these experiences have only increased my depth of compassion for those in need.  I no longer wonder who will help these people, and make positive, sustainable changes in their lives; I am that someone and I am not done yet.  As a Sigma Theta Tau International inductee, I feel I have the requisite love, courage and honor to excel in the graduate program and in my career beyond.

 UXX’s School of Nursing is my sole choice for CRNA education.  Through research and recommendations of people I truly respect in the field, I am confident that no other program can offer me the same breadth and autonomy of curriculum.

 Thank you for your time, consideration and I look forward to a personal interview.

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