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Dear Sir or Madam:

I am in my second year of a Master’s Program in Biotechnology Management (MSBTM) at XXXX University. I want very much to gain the highest quality professional experience possible by participating in the XXXX’s Management Rotation Program – Consumer Health Care.

I am most impressed with and intrigued by XXXX’s approach to management and business strategy. I particularly appreciate the way in which you are highly successful at making the quality of medicine, optimal patient care, and biopharmaceutical innovation your top three priorities. I am particularly attracted to your company’s high-performance culture, resting on the pillars of leadership, teamwork, and state-of-the-art innovation. I feel strongly that XXXX is the optimal rotation program for me to be able to further develop my abilities so that I might be able to make my maximum contribution to innovation in our field.

As a MSBTM candidate I have taken all the core MBA courses at the XXXX School of Business along with several biopharmaceutical courses at the XXXX College of Science. Furthermore, I have also taken classes in regulatory & reimbursement procedures, biopharmaceutical operations, strategies in commercialization in the biotechnology industry, and technical biotechnology and biochemistry through the XXXX College of Public Policy. My long term career goal is to effectively combine my technical and scientific expertise with my strategic business knowledge, so as to successfully lead biopharmaceutical projects.

As a complement to my studies, I also had the privilege of working in several professional positions on projects with immediate relevance to my central goals, such as my work with a startup biopharmaceutical-consulting firm in Newport Beach, CA in 2010. This position, in particular, helped to enhance my analytical skills through participation in rigorous market research. In this position, I was constantly fine-tuning my communication and consensus building skills, especially since I often needed to present my work to upper-level management and clients.  Furthermore, my work at a life science management firm in Pittsburgh, PA (9/11-6/12) provided me with the opportunity to work on many portfolio company projects that involved extensive market research, analysis, and strategic commercialization planning for maximizing ROI for every merger, acquisition or partnership deal, conducting thorough due diligence and exit valuations. More recently, I worked with XXXX Pharmaceuticals, the fastest growing, generic-injectable company in the U.S., experiencing how a lean pharmaceutical company operates through my participation on various decision-making levels in the areas of marketing and business development. My most current work with XXXX Therapeutics has helped me to better appreciate how research-based organizations must strategically prepare by ensuring that their intellectual property is safeguarded and yields the highest return possible.  

Thus, I feel that I have the tools and skills necessary to excel at XXXX, contributing my fullest efforts towards the growth and performance of your organization. I will be visiting XXXX’s San Francisco manufacturing facility during the Annual ISPE Meeting this November 2012 and I keenly look forward to meeting you in person. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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